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Falck Healthcare largest provider in Scandinavia

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Falck Healthcare largest provider in Scandinavia

Falck Healthcare, Previa and Quick Care are to merge, thereby creating Scandinavia’s largest provider of services that reduce absence from work due to sickness and help people gain access to rehabilitation services following a period of sickness. This is the outcome of a new agreement with TryghedsGruppen which, until now has owned Previa and been majority owner of Quick Care. TryghedsGruppen will now own 40% of the shares in Falck Healthcare as well as 2.3% of the shares in Falck Holding.

“The intention behind the merger is to create the preferred health care partner for private and public enterprises, as well as for insurance and pension companies in Scandinavia,” says Falck’s CEO Allan Søgaard Larsen.

He bids a warm welcome to TryghedsGruppen as shareholder in Falck, and is pleased that the two companies have joined forces to create a strong Scandinavian healthcare group. TryghedsGruppen and Falck are well associated as, in 2012, TryghedsGruppen sold another company, Previa Sundhed, to Falck Healthcare.

Huge potential for development

Jørn Wendel Andersen, CEO at TryghedsGruppen, is pleased that these two well-established companies with huge potential for development in Scandinavia will be joining Falck Healthcare.

“The agreement means that we will be able to protect the two companies’ corporate values, as the new structure in Falck Healthcare provides optimal conditions for further development. With the agreement we have increased our direct investments to 8% of our capital,” says Jørn Wendel Andersen.

Previa and Quick Care both have considerable experience in the healthcare area in Scandinavia.

Almost a million Swedes can get assistance from Previa for, e.g., rehabilitation services, health check-ups and improving occupational health and safety conditions.

Quick Care offers services to Danish and Norwegian people receiving public benefits with a view to speeding up their recovery and return to work. Together with Falck Jobservice, Quick Care will expand collaboration with job centres to help even more people return to work.

Falck Healthcare is active in all the Scandinavian countries, most predominantly in Denmark, and more than two million people have quick and easy access to healthcare services through their health care schemes, regardless of whether it is their body or soul that needs healing.

Pressure on our healthcare systems

After the merger, Falck Healthcare Holding’s expected revenue is DKK 2.2 bn with approx. 2,000 employees.

“Welfare systems in the Scandinavian countries are under immense pressure. This is why we believe a strong private supplier is needed; one that can support public-sector players in their efforts to provide people with healthcare services, and who can help enterprises enhance their employees’ health, and, finally, help insurance companies bring down the number of disability-pension claimants. Together with TryghedsGruppen, we hope to be that supplier,” says Allan Søgaard Larsen.

According to Jørn Wendel Andersen, the agreement marks an important step in TryghedsGruppen’s implementation of its business strategy.

“Within the course of the past 18 months, we have cut back our portfolio by six enterprises, and today we have a streamlined portfolio with two large investments; Falck Healthcare and Health & Fitness Nordic. Both are well-managed and cash-generating companies. We look forward to seeing a continued positive development for them both.”

The merger still needs to be approved by the Swedish Competition Authorities.




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