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Joao Franca Pinto takes over as Managing Director of Falck SCI in Spain

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Joao Franca Pinto takes over as Managing Director of Falck SCI in Spain

Joao Franca Pinto takes over as Managing Director of Falck SCI, Falck's Spanish Fire Company. He assumed the position on June 1st, 2018.

Before joining Falck SCI in January 2018, Joao Franca Pinto worked with Maersk Group for 17 years, in various commercial and leadership positions in Portugal, Spain, Gambia and Angola, including as General Manager of Iberia with Seago Line.

Stig Tiedemann, Senior Vice President of Industrial Fire Services in Falck, says:

- I have come to know Joao well by now and see him as a perfect match to take over responsibility for the largest entity in our Industrial Fire Services business. I am confident that Joao together with the rest of the Spanish team will continue the development of Falck SCI that has been built over the past more than 30 years.

Joao Franca Pinto is looking forward to beginning his new job as Managing Director. He says:

- My main priority will be to deliver profitable growth, focusing on key industry segments where Industrial Fire Services in Spain has a less strong presence, such as automotive, petrochemical or ports. Furthermore, it will be one of my top priorities to accelerate Falck SCI's full alignment with global Industrial Fire Services standards, hopefully contributing to the journey of turning Falck from a company of companies into a strong and healthy global business.

Joao Franca Pinto takes over from Miguel Albors, who has chosen to retire.



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