Photographer: Richard Walch, Canon Ambassador and extreme sports photographer
Photographer: Richard Walch, Canon Ambassador and extreme sports photographer

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Tips for capturing the perfect picture on the slopes across Europe this Winter Season

With the winter ski season fast approaching, Canon Ambassador and professional extreme sports photographer Richard Walch has provided his tips and advice for amateur photographers hoping to capture amazing photography on the slopes across Europe this winter.

  • Selecting a camera to take on your winter sports holiday 

"When taking to the slopes, you want a camera that is both powerful, reliable and compact. A viewfinder is recommended, as it is often too bright in the mountains to compose an image by simply using a screen.The Canon EOS M50 body with EF-M 15-45mm f/3.5-6.3 IS STM zoom lens has a powerful APS-C sensor for capturing images in crisp detail and Dual Pixel CMOS AF for fast and accurate focusing.You can also easily pair the camera with your smartphone via Wi-Fi. This enables images to be transferred to a smartphone even if there is no network service up the mountain. As soon as your phone receives a signal or Wi-Fi, you can share your images with the world on social media."

  • Best conditions for mountain photography

"Sunrise and sunsets often provide beautiful lighting conditions for photography on the ski slopes. However, mountain weather is hard to predict and can change without warning. I suggest ascending the slopes early to locate an optimum photographic position and to provide enough time to set-up your equipment, so as to catch precious moments of perfect light, against a backdrop of fresh snow. As with all trips up the mountain, be safe and check the weather reports the day before you are planning to shoot."

  • Optimal camera settings for taking pictures in bright sunlight on the slopes

"When the sunlight breaks through the clouds, it really is a blessing for mountain photography. However, the glare from the snow can leave images over exposed if your camera settings are not correctly adjusted.The best way to prevent over exposure in these conditions is to manually set the shutter speed to 1/2000, the aperture to F-stop 8 and the ISO to 200. If you are shooting in an automatic mode, be sure to compensate the exposure by +1 to +3 stops, otherwise your images will be too dark."

  • Optimal camera settings for capturing fast moving skiers or snowboarders

"When shooting fast moving subjects, adjust the camera settings to avoid motion blur and ‘freeze’ the skier or snowboarder in the frame. The settings I suggest for achieving this are the same as if shooting in bright sunlight: set the shutter speed to 1/2000, the aperture to F-stop 8 and the ISO to 200."

  • Advice for taking the perfect selfie or group shot for Instagram 

"Planning a perfect mountain selfie starts before you set off on your holiday. Brightly colored jackets stand-out against a bright white backdrop and can make for a truly striking selfie. In terms of composition, a beautiful mountain range makes for a striking and memorable background. For the correct exposure, it is best to have the sun hitting the subject’s face or from the side. If you photograph straight into the sun, you will need to use a flash to light up their faces."

  • Additional kit to carry when shooting on the slopes

"The cold temperatures can often drain a camera of its power, so it is best to carry two spare batteries with you to see you through the day. Stepping into a warm building from the cold slopes will quickly create fog on your lenses, so it is important to keep your equipment outside until the end of the day. Cold hands will also make it difficult to operate the camera gear, so ensure you bring warm gloves that still enable normal mobility."

Visit https://www.mynewsdesk.com/fi/canon/latest_media to explore Richard's fantastic winter images.

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