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Canon unveils its first two zoom lenses for 8K broadcast cameras

Lehdistötiedote   •   Marras 07, 2019 07:00 EET

Canon 7x10.7 KAS S

Canon Europe today announces two new lenses for 8K broadcast[i] cameras, equipped with 1.25-inch sensors: the UHD-DIGISUPER 51 field zoom lens and the 7x10.7 KAS S portable zoom lens. The development of the new zoom lenses for 8K broadcast cameras showcase Canon’s excellent optical technologies. In recent years, productions such as documentaries and broadcasts of sporting events have begun to adopt 8K equipment to deliver ultra-high-resolution video around the world. Consequently, there is demand for essential technological developments and the stable supply of equipment optimised for 8K standards covering input, transmission and output. Canon meets the needs of broadcasters, and the increased demand for higher image quality for video, with the addition of these two broadcast lenses – realising 8K ultra-high resolution in its line-up.


The UHD-DIGISUPER 51 achieves incredible optical performance, from the centre to the peripheral areas of image field – supporting 8K broadcast cameras. Canon’s first 8K field zoom lens, the UHD-DIGISUPER 51 realises a focal length range of 15.5mm to 790mm, the world’s longest[ii] focal length in its class, and the world’s-highest[iii] zoom ratio of 51x. In addition to its high zoom ratio, the lens maintains similar handling to existing field zoom lenses for 4K cameras that employ 2/3-inch sensors, making it possible to transition to 8K production while retaining the same shooting style as with 4K production. The lens makes the capture of realistic, high-resolution video in a wide range of scenarios possible, including indoor and outdoor sports broadcasting or in medium-sized broadcasting vans.

7x10.7 KAS S

The 7x10.7 KAS S covers a focal length range from 10.7mm to 75mm, making it the world’s first[iv] portable zoom lens for 8K broadcast cameras to offer a 7x zoom ratio. The lens achieves resolution and contrast from the centre to the periphery of the image – supporting 8K broadcast cameras while maintaining similar handling to existing portable zoom lenses for 4K cameras, that employ 2/3-inch sensors. The lens maintains the manoeuvrability demanded of broadcast equipment for shooting scenarios such as shoulder-mounted shooting or transporting equipment to meet a variety of video production needs, from documentary shooting and video shooting for different events to broadcasting applications.

Additional information, Product Intelligence Professional Olli Turtiainen,, tel. +358 40 7716226.

[i] A broadcasting image standard for images with a resolution of 33 million pixels, 16 times the resolution of Full HD and four times that of 4K.

[ii]Among field zoom lenses for 8K broadcast cameras employing 1.25-inch sensors. As of November 6, 2019, based on a Canon survey.

[iii]Among field zoom lenses for 8K broadcast cameras employing 1.25-inch sensors. As of November 6, 2019, based on a Canon survey.

[iv]Among portable zoom lenses for 8K broadcast cameras employing 1.25-inch sensors. As of November 6, 2019, based on a Canon survey.

Canon Oy kuuluu maailmanlaajuiseen Canon-ryhmään, joka tarjoaa tulostuksen-, dokumentin- sekä informaationhallinnan ratkaisuja yrityksille sekä kuvaamisen ratkaisuja kuluttajille ja ammattilaisille. Graafiselle teollisuudelle Canon toimittaa digitaalisen painamisen ratkaisuja.

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