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Official Spanish Tourism Authority in Finland

TURESPAÑA’s remit as an organisation is to promote Spain as a destination abroad, doing so by means of:

Promotion and marketing of tourism products and destinations in international markets, in collaboration with the regional authorities (Comunidades Autónomas), local authorities and the private sector.
Drawing up the bases of tourism policy, doing so in collaboration with other state organisations, public authorities and the private sector through the Sector-Based Tourism Conference (Conferencia Sectorial del Turismo), the Spanish Tourism Board (Consejo Español de Turismo) and the Interministerial Tourism Committee (Comisión Interministerial de Turismo).
Supporting Spanish tourism firms abroad and also expediting international tourism cooperation and relations.
Analysing knowledge and intelligence of the tourism economy and bringing it to wider notice.
Drawing up plans and programmes to foster innovation, quality, sustainability and competitiveness of tourism products and destinations.
Driving the modernisation of the tourism sector, improving its scientific and technological capacity and enhancing the effectiveness and efficiency of management processes.
Strategy and investment of Paradores de Turismo de España S.A (the company running the state-owned hotel network)
TURESPAÑA carries out its activity abroad through the network of Spanish Tourism Offices (Oficinas Españolas de Turismo), which depend on Spain’s embassies and consulates.

Espanjan Matkailutoimisto
Pohjoinen Makasiinikatu 6 A
00130 Helsinki
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