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Calendars, Contracts, and Products - new add-ons in PlanMill Release 12.5!

Cool new add-ons and PlanMill Touch for mobile devices

PlanMill Ltd.
announced recently the general availability of PlanMill Release 12.5 for existing and new users. The latest release includes PlanMill Calendar, Contracts, and Products as the latest add-ons. Moreover, new Connectors are now available for Personec W, Intrum Justitia, and Atlassian Crowd.

For web-savvy mobile users, the PlanMill Touch (available for Beta) is the latest innovation for enhancing work efficiency on the move!  This is a corporate web-based solution optimized for touch screen mobile devices such as Apple iPhone, iPAd, iPod Touch and Nokia N900, allowing view and search for various kinds of information from PlanMill such as actions, accounts, contacts, requests, projects and opportunities (Mobile Internet or WLAN is required).

Social media web services were also introduced in Release 12.2. PlanMill's Cloud business applications are now equipped with Google Maps, which automatically links addresses and locations of individuals or companies within PlanMill dashboards. In Release 12.1LinkedIn, and Twitter were also available as optional widgets, receiving enthusiastic response from PlanMill’s growing customer base.

Highlights in PlanMill Release 12.5

The product management team aims to continually answer customer needs and their competitive business environments.  Release 12.5 offers several new add-ons and key features designed for streamlined project collaboration and efficient products management, among others.

PlanMill Calendar is a FREE web-based solution to all PlanMill Cloud and On-Premise customers intended for viewing calendar events such as absences, actions, annual holidays, opportunities, requests, project milestones and tasks.Google Calendar events can be viewed within PlanMill Calendar (View demo).

Another web-based solution designed for contract management, PlanMill Contracts allows organization to keep track of various kinds of business agreements and related documents. Meanwhile, an easy-to-use online solution for product management, PlanMill Products enables you to easily manage and share centrally product and product group-related information.

Available to users of PlanMill PROJECT, PSA and ERPPlanMill TES automatically calculates overtime, travel time, paid and unpaid absences and reported hours for payroll calculations. Default calculations are based on Finnish ERTO’s labor union agreement. This add-on module can be used to export data as MS Excel or CSV-file to payroll or it can be connected with Personec W system with PlanMill Connector for Personec W (PlanMill Absence is required for TES solution).

Meanwhile, PlanMill Connector for Intrum Justitia (IJ) now generates Finvoice files from invoices and sends them automatically to a predefined email address where they can be uploaded to
Intrum Justitia solution.

Finally, PlanMill users with an Apple iPhone or Nokia N900 can become one of our first public beta users for PlanMill Touchstarting April 2010. Send your Beta User request to info@planmill.com

Stay connected or read more innovation news from PlanMill Product Management!


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