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StepStone Solutions adds new web-based Business Case Builder to free tools available to HR and talent management professionals

StepStone Solutions, a leading provider of Total Talent Management solutions, has added to the range of powerful online tools it makes available to HR and talent management professionals with a free, web-based ‘Business Case Builder for Performance Management.’ The new tool, the third in a series developed by StepStone Solutions and based on extensive customer feedback and industry research data, is available now in English and in the near future in French, German, Chinese, Dutch and Italian.

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Using the Business Case Builder can save HR and talent management professionals many weeks of research into performance management benefits and reduce the time taken to develop a customised business case based on their own business data and needs. Working through the secure, online Business Case Builder process will typically take no more than about twenty minutes, and it will immediately deliver a comprehensive report that can be adapted to individual needs or used as it stands.

Organisations who will benefit from using this tool include:

  • Companies who have a good performance management strategy and process, but not supported by appropriate technology;
  • Those who have a strategy and processes in place but who need to update or improve their current technology to support them;
  • Those who have no strategy, no or few processes and no supporting technology in place.

The Business Case Builder helps create a complete, information-based business case for investment in performance management processes and technology. Designed and built with support from industry experts and senior HR professionals in StepStone Solutions’ customers, it has already received very positive feedback from the first users:

“The Business Case Builder process is very straightforward and user friendly,” said Richard Malkin, UK Training Manager for GVA Grimley Ltd. “The resulting report offers an excellent starting point for a business case document, and the references are helpful in backing up key points. All in all, a very worthwhile exercise.”

The tool recognises a growing trend in business to focus on individual employee performance as a key success driver in a post-recessionary economy. In a recent global survey1 by the Economist Intelligence Unit of over 400 senior executives, sponsored by StepStone Solutions, performance management was identified as the most critical talent investment they would make in 2010. Research2 by other leading analysts and academics has shown a two-to-ten times return-on-investment from introducing high quality, business-aligned performance management processes, a point highighted by another early user:

“This is a great tool to help gain stakeholder buy-in,” said a former Senior HR Manager at Balfour Beatty WorkPlace. “Illustrating the potential business value of Performance Management with powerful metrics is key when making an investment decision. I wish this tool had been available when we were starting our journey – it would definitely have speeded up the process and provided useful direction.”

“Improving employee performance management has a substantial, measurable impact on both business results and staff issues such as retention and motivation,” adds Matthew Parker, CEO at StepStone Solutions. “Unfortunately many companies and employees do not approach performance management in a way that delivers these benefits because they don’t have the tools, information and processes to make it an integral part of their business strategy. Our new Business Case Builder will help HR and talent management professionals make a persuasive, fact-based case for investment in world-class performance management processes that create measurable improvements across the business.”

StepStone Solutions’ Business Case Builder is provided as a secure, online interactive tool that is populated with real-world data from the company using the tool. At the end of the process the user is provided with a detailed business case template – based on their own business metrics – that shows how improved performance management can deliver measurable return-on-investment in their own organisation. The process is simple and highly focused on the real-world needs of users, as Jannie Hestehave, Vice President and Head of Human Resources, Clipper Group A/S notes:

“What an excellent tool! It worked really well and the questions are spot on.”

The business case template delivered by the new tool is comprehensive, delivering an analysis of the financial and operating benefits available from the proposed investment. The tool can be used by companies of any size. Access the UK English version of the Business Case Builder at: http://www.stepstonesolutions.com/impact-tools/en-gb/bcb.

The US English tool is at: http://www.stepstonesolutions.com/impact-tools/en-us/bcb/

1 - Read the latest research on talent management in 2010: www.stepstonesolutions.com/eiu

2 – Sources: Cornell University, Bersin & Associates, Harvard Business Review, &c.

Other StepStone Solutions online tools are available at www.stepstonesolutions.com/tools

About StepStone Solutions

StepStone Solutions helps businesses get increased performance from their people, helps them build and develop global talent pools, and helps people find new jobs that match their talents. Across the world thousands of organisations rely on StepStone Solutions every day to improve their business performance and talent development strategies while millions of people rely on StepStone Solutions to improve their careers. StepStone Solutions delivers world class technology and services for finding, recruiting, retaining, managing and developing talented people.

StepStone Solutions provides a complete set of Total Talent Management solutions. StepStone Solutions’ on-demand (SaaS) software and services enable organisations to implement efficient processes, including: attraction and hiring, post-hire talent management, performance management, compensation management, skills and competency management, career and succession planning, training and development management.

At the end of March 2010 more than 1,450 organisations, including many of the world’s leading businesses, use StepStone Solutions’ software and services. It operates in 16 countries and employs around 450 people. Its global customers include Aviva, BASF, Deloitte, Deutsche Telekom, Lufthansa, Kruger Products, PUMA, and Virgin Atlantic.

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