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The Compact spiral elevator has a low noise level as well as a soft starter and motor protection.
The Compact spiral elevator has a low noise level as well as a soft starter and motor protection.

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Elevate your production

FlexLink is pleased to announce the release of the new Compact spiral elevator. This solution offers 40 % smaller footprint compared to the most common solutions on the market, saving valuable floor space.

The Compact spiral elevator allows you to maximize your production space, elevating and lowering products up to 2.3 meters over the floor and can transport a wide variety of products and carriers.

The solution enables a continuous production flow without any losses from production stops. It features a friction top chain and an ultra-resistant slide rail with low friction. Altogether, the compact spiral elevator ensures a continuous and gentle, elevated production flow.

Highly adaptable

The spiral comes in a variety of configurations of both in- and outfeeds.

With a small footprint of 585 mm in diameter, the standardized spiral can be installed within a couple of hours and gives you a seamless integration to your existing production line.

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Stefan von Westberg

Stefan von Westberg

Press contact Head of Marketing Marketing +49 69 83832 137
Christoph  Penter

Christoph Penter

Press contact Marketing Communications Leader PR & Kommunikation +49 (0) 170 812 8460

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