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The Genius 1-LD, a new, high speed, high yield, laser marker from FlexLink.
The Genius 1-LD, a new, high speed, high yield, laser marker from FlexLink.

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Reduce cycle time with FlexLink’s new laser marker

The 1-LD laser marker is the latest of FlexLink`s laser markers and reduces cycle time by over 35% compared to earlier marker generations. Both sides of a PCB are marked simultaneously, and the boards are handled vertically in order to minimize dust issues. This solution improves the quality of the mark and the process yield, which has substantial impact on the total cost. As a result, FlexLink’s new high speed laser marker improves the integration of the marking process in the PCB assembly line thus removing a known bottleneck. In a nutshell, this new technology increases the total line efficiency.

In addition to the benefits highlighted above, the module is compact, occupies minimum floor space, uses FlexLink’s new control and software package and also improves board utilization - with a marking area of 500 x 500 mm.

The entire FlexLink PCB product line contains modular stand-alone units with on-board control. The 1-LD laser marker is independent from other modules in the system, but can still be easily linked to other modules by utilizing both up-line and-down line SMEMA communication. If required, the laser marker can be linked to a higher level monitoring or routing system by utilizing a host control system.

The 1-LD laser marker is typically used in applications where products need an identity mark for tracking or recognition on both sides of a PCB. The laser cell can mark on all types of non-metallic surfaces including plastic and FR4 PC Board. Also, the laser marker is fully standardized, which in turn reduces delivery time of spares and making maintenance easy.

“The laser marking process is a known bottleneck in the industry and a challenge for many of our customers. We have more than 10 years of experience within laser marking of boards and work in close collaboration with our clients. By adding the GENIUS 1-LD to our range I am convinced that we now cover almost all conceivable customer requirements for laser marking” Says Dick Andersson, Product Manager for Electronic Industry at FlexLink AB.

The new laser marker will be exhibited at the IPC APEX Expo in San Diego (USA) during February 14-16th.

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FlexLink is part of Coesia, an innovation based Group consisting of 14 companies specialized in automated machinery and industrial process solutions. For 2015, the Coesia Group had a turnover of € 1,534 million and 6,000 employees.

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Stefan von Westberg

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