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How best to capitalize on and interact with shoppers’ excitement during the holiday season

The holidays are upon us. Although this year has been tough on everyone and December is likely to look very different this year, the desire to come together as a family, as a community is stronger than ever.

It is well known that brands who interact with their followers on social media grow their following, and are seen as more trustworthy, authentic and human.

And in 2020, let’s face it, we need all the competitive edge we can get.

Indeed, when analyzing social media strategy in the age of Covid-19, Forbes reports that “instead of a one-sided conversation, where a brand simply posts and ghosts, brands now need to interact with customers and respond to customer needs.”

How user generated content (UGC) can inspire and engage (young and old) this holiday season
Nothing is more adorable and innocent than young children writing a letter to Father Christmas. This is what Flowbox client, Oxybul, a French children’s clothing and toy brand, is highlighting in their UGC flows this year. As part of their Christmas campaign, they are asking shoppers to share images with the hashtag #DesCadeauxPourTousLesTalents - translated as #PresentsForAllTalents.

These images are then collected and shared on their designated Christmas product page, and children’s letters to #PèreNoël (#FatherChristmas) have pride of place.

Creating a dynamic seasonal flow with inspirational, shoppable images
A time and cost-effective way to highlight your seasonal products and offers is to utilize UGC. A collection tool such as Flowbox lets you moderate and organize images, so that you can prioritize a certain theme or product.

Homeware brand  Lagerhaus, a Flowbox client, has transformed their UGC flow on their homepage into a Christmas wonderland. It helps enhance their Christmas campaign and shows their seasonal products being enjoyed in real homes.

Transforming your UGC into a social media competition to capitalize on engagement 
If shoppable content isn’t your priority, then there are other ways to capitalize on increased engagement during the holiday season. Combining UGC flows with a social media competition is a tried and true method. It creates a feedback loop whereby you actively encourage your followers to tag you or use your custom hashtag, to then be displayed on your website, motivating others to participate.

A great example is  VisitDalarna, the official tourism site for the Dalarna region in Sweden. They are encouraging their visitors to experience the region’s different tourist attractions, share this on Instagram with both the photo tag @visitdalarnasweden and the custom hashtag #dalabingo.

These are just a few examples of UGC enhancing seasonal marketing campaigns. Interacting with and highlighting your followers in this way strengthens your community and further increases loyalty. And remember, when in doubt, children writing letters to Father Christmas are always adorable.

Hope you feel inspired and are ready for a cozy, content-filled December! 

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