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Dille & Kamille sells the experience of their physical shops online

Dille & Kamille is the brand that stands for natural simplicity and the timeless beauty in natural materials. With products that range from hand woven baskets, herbs and teas to cake pans and wooden toys, Dille & Kamille brings everyday happiness to every home, garden and kitchen!

Since the company was founded in 1974, Dille & Kamille has opened no less than 30 physical stores in Belgium and the Netherlands and on top of this, their E-commerce is performing better every day.


Dille & Kamille’s initial challenge with their E-commerce was the content. Both time, budget and expertise to create the amount of high quality content that was required for the online shop was lacking, which was the main reason for the company to start using Flowbox.

"At Dille & Kamille we sell the experience of our products rather than only the actual products. People love to come to our physical shops, and we wanted to create the same feeling in our online shop, which was something that we knew would require a constant flow of high quality content, says Arnout Baas, Marketing & E-commerce Manager," Dille & Kamille.

The main goal for Dille & Kamille is, and has always been, to inspire people. This goes both externally for customers and internally in the company. One way of doing this is to let existing customers help out with the marketing through UGC (user generated content).

"We knew that there was great content out there but didn’t know how to make the connection to our web shop. Flowbox solved this problem so that we can use the user generated content of our products on our website. This makes it a lot more inspiring and alive," says Arnout Baas.


With Flowbox, Dille & Kamille found a way to collect all the great content that was out there and use it to their advance to create the feeling of their physical shops online.

"We have carousel flows on our product pages, where customers can see our products in inspirational environments — something that we wouldn’t have the resources to create by ourselves," says Arnout Baas.


After implementing Flowbox on the Dille & Kamille website and online shop, Arnout Baas sees a website with much more authentic content than before.

"We really like the Flowbox tool and we do see increased conversion through the insights feature," says Arnout Baas.

The goal of inspiring people within the company is something that the Flowbox tool also has helped Dille & Kamille to reach.

"It’s important that we keep our employees just as inspired as our customers, which is something that Flowbox is helping out with. The inspirational content from our customers (the UGC), shows us internally how the products can be used and the feeling that we want to create."

Accordning to Arnout Baas, the Flowbox tool takes no more than 30 minutes per day to moderate, which is a big plus since it helps keeping up the efficiency.

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