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Lifestyle brand Hermine Hold invests in user generated content

Swedish lifestyle and hair accessories brand Hermine Hold knows the importance of creating a strong community, and with the help of micro-influencers the brand has gone viral in a short period of time. With the mission to tap into a new area of the fashion industry, Hermine Hold creates timeless and unique hair accessories for confident modern women. Since the start, the brand has invested time and resources in social media marketing and today, a major part of their visual content in digital communication channels is created by micro-influencers as user generated content (UGC).

“In the beginning of our journey we mostly used studio produced content. But since we started testing user generated content and saw the results from it in terms of saved time, cost and increased performance and quality of images, we changed our strategy and re-allocated our marketing budget,” says Anders Hesselman, E-Commerce Manager at Hermine Hold.

Hermine Hold has been using UGC as a part of their marketing strategy since the start. After considering different solutions and platforms for UGC management, the team decided to go for Flowbox.

“We quickly realized that we wanted to use a lot of user generated content in our prospecting campaign since it’s more genuine and authentic. We’re a lifestyle brand, and to be relevant for regular consumers we want to use real life images, not only studio produced material,” says Anders Hesselman.

Content production is often both time-consuming and expensive. By using UGC, the team has also been able to keep the marketing costs down.

"Now we actually generate more content than we really need"

Hermine Hold offer products aimed for an audience that pre-dominantly spend their time on Instagram, and the Hermine Hold team also use Instagram as their main channel for social communication. The content that’s collected in Flowbox is distributed not only on Instagram as organic posts but also on the start page of the website, on product pages and on the inspiration page #HermineHeroes. User generated content is also used in sponsored ads on Facebook and Instagram through Facebook Ads Manager.

“It was very easy to get started with the platform. Now, we can manage all our UGC in just 10 to 15 minutes per day.”

Accelerating UGC creation amongst their community hasn’t been particularly difficult. Due to a strong team focusing most of their time on social media marketing and reaching out to a large number of micro-influencers on a daily basis, Hermine Hold has been able to build a vast source of content in a short period of time.

“Now, we actually generate more content than we really need. Because of this, we can be a bit selective and filter out the best and most suitable photos for our brand. Today, you don’t really need to work with only the biggest influencers because there’s so much high quality content on Instagram that’s being produced by everyday consumers,” says Anders Hesselman.

Cost per image reduction with 93 percent

Since using Flowbox’s platform, thus being able to replace certain studio images with UGC, Hermine Hold has been able to reduce their cost per image with around 93%. The time each visitor spends on site has also increased with on average 30 to 40 seconds.

“We use the insights part in Flowbox a lot to see what content converts the best. Conversion is very important to us, so we look closely at metrics like add to cart rate and click-through rate,” says Anders Hesselman.

The photos that get the highest CTR in Flowbox Insights are being sent to Facebook Ads Manager through Flowbox’s Facebook integration and used for sponsored social media ads.

“Our CTR is a lot higher when we use UGC in our ads compared to when we use studio produced material. We still use studio produced photos in our ads and on our site but in many cases we can replace them with UGC and also improve our conversion rate.”

The average order value has also increased with 80 percent since using Flowbox.

“Being able to easily use content created by micro-influencers in our marketing and in our ads has saved us a lot of time and resources. At the same time, we can maintain a high quality in our content.”


15-20% better CTR with UGC compared to studio produced images

30-40 seconds increase in time on site

93% lower cost per image

These are the products in Flowbox Hermine Hold used: 

For more information, contact:

Helena Nordh Myhrman, Head of Content, Flowbox


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