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Odd Molly reaches new heights with UGC platform

Odd Molly is a Swedish company that designs, markets and sells fashion and other lifestyle products for girls. The collections share a distinctive design, with feminine, flattering, easy-to-wear clothing recognized for its high quality, color and patterns. Odd Molly is driven by strong values and a desire that girls be willing to go their own way, guided by the company’s muse, Molly. The company was founded in 2002 and now has around a hundred employees in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and the US. Odd Molly’s products are sold through its own sales channels and external retailers around the world. In 2016 Odd Molly’s clothing was sold in 36 countries. Odd Molly is one of the first customers of Flowbox and together we have helped each other grow and develop.


When brands use user generated content (UGC) in their e-commerce environment it leads to engaged customers and fans affecting new customers into buying the products. In fact 92% trust earned media more than any other form and 90% of shoppers say UGC is the most influential part of their purchase.

Odd Molly is an international brand with customers all over the world wearing and loving their clothes. The customers livens the brand and the Odd Molly lifestyle is well-known. But Odd Molly needed a way to show the love of their customers in their marketing and e-commerce work. They needed a way to integrate UGC all over their website and e-commerce environment.

It is a fact that user generated content inspires more and that it makes customers more likely to discover and buy new products. In the physical stores 79% of the purchases being made is impulsive buy. At the same time, on e-commerce sites, due to lack of inspirational content, the same number is only 19%. Creating inspiring and relevant content is a great challenge for brands like Odd Molly today.

Odd Molly also needed a way to spend less time and money creating and finding inspiring content that fits their brand’s lifestyle. Today it takes a lot of resources and time for brands to create, control and manage content. Content investment in general has grown to roughly one-third of the entire marketing budget. Odd Molly needed a way to collect and use all great content that surrounded their brand in social media, created by their happy and proud customers. So they started using Flowbox.


Social content integrated on a website increases time on site, average order value, product discovery and conversion. Considering this, Odd Molly integrated UGC into the environment of their e-shop from the beginning to the end of the customers shopping experience. They quickly saw improved traffic quality, less hard bounces and increased time-on-site.

Odd Molly shows photos and videos taken by their customers in the most effective places possible. At the start page they reflect their own Instagram account and republished content from customers. UGC is the most effective when exposed directly next to a product. Little wonder then, Odd Molly also put UGC-flows on the pages of their products, showing the customers own photos of the product or of products in the same category.

Images in social media are the modern-day equivalent of window displays. They exist to capture attention and draw people in. Odd Molly is great at re-sharing UGC in their own account, making their Instagram-feed even more desirable. They essentially helped their customers go from product discovery to purchase in seconds by making the @OddMolly Instagram-feed shopable.


When user generated content is exposed, time spent on site and conversion almost definitely increases. When Odd Molly started working with Flowbox to integrate UGC on their site they reached results beyond imagination and the results are measurable by using Flowbox feature ‘Insight’ that summarizes data about the actions and the content used on site. You get your accomplishments in numbers which show conversion rates, CTA-clicks, Click-Through Rate and total Revenue.

“We’ve used Flowbox for a long time and we’re pleased with the results. The development of the platform is blazing fast, and our feedback never goes unnoticed,” says Erik Samsson, Social media manager at Odd Molly.

Here are some of the results Odd Molly reached in just 6 month with Flowbox:

2 378 000 Unique visitors

89 127 Views

7 616 CTA clicks

22.35% CTR

For more information, contact:

Helena Nordh Myhrman, Head of Content, Flowbox


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