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Flowrox Rotary Disc Valve

The Flowrox Rotary Disc Valve is built with a cast body and features a heavy duty stainless steel gate.  As the actuator moves up and down through the cast iron body, the incoming pressure causes the disc to rotate several degrees.  This ensures that the same spot of the disc is not constantly being hit with abrasive pressure, but rather, the whole circumference of the disc accepts the contamination evenly each time the actuator moves up and down.  THe rotating mechanism is the key reason that Larox discs last extremely long and perform better than competition.  When dealing with the most heavy duty and corrosive slurries in an y industry, it is vital that your rotary disc valve maintains complete shutoff at all times.  We can confidently guarantee this because the durability of our discs lasts over time, which reduces total cost of ownership.

The LRD Valve is the perfect solution for heavy duty abrasive and corrosive slurries.  It's very efficient for high pressure shut off required in every day problems that customers have such as heavy duty mine slurries, high pressure bottom ash systems, mine dewatering, pump isolation and pipe isolation.


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Flowrox is the preferred supplier of cutting-edge flow control technology. Company’s product range includes peristaltic pumps, pinch valves, and check valves. Larox Flowsys focuses on abrasive, corrosive and other demanding shut-off, control and pumping applications serving a wide range of process industries worldwide. To learn more about Larox Flowsys and its expanded product offerings and brands, visit