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27,800 fewer plastic bags per year – an important step in FM Mattsson’s sustainability efforts

27,800 fewer plastic bags per year, streamlined processes for employees and customers and big environmental savings. This is the result of FM Mattsson’s new plastic reduction initiative. “Sustainability is important to us, and we have started a long-term initiative to reduce our use of plastic,” says Lena Ryttar Thörnqvist, logistics technician at FM Mattsson.

FM Mattsson is continuing to develop and expand its sustainability efforts. At the end of last year, the company initiated a project to reduce the quantity of plastic bags used in its operations, as part of long-term efforts to reduce the use of plastic.

In January we started looking at ways to reduce the quantity of plastic bags we use, primarily in assembly. By reviewing the packaging layout and how the articles are packed in their boxes, we discovered that one of the plastic bags we used could be eliminated, Lena explains.

The results were quick to be seen: thanks to the adjustment, FM Mattsson now uses 27,800 fewer plastic bags per year.

Apart from the environmental savings, there are other positive effects as well. Using fewer plastic bags will streamline our customers’ work by reducing the tasks necessary when installing the product. It will also make our own installers’ work more ergonomic by eliminating a step in their packing procedure. These environmental initiatives have made both our own and our customers’ work more efficient while raising our profitability. This is a great example of the smart consequences of sustainability, says Lena.

Further initiatives ahead
This initiative by FM Mattsson is yet another contribution to the company’s sustainability efforts.

Of course we’ll continue working along these lines and introducing more initiatives, both in our own production and in collaboration with our suppliers, says Lena.

The plastic-saving project largely owes its success to cross-functional sustainability efforts, and to the fact that FM Mattsson’s production takes place locally in Mora, giving the company control of the whole process from factory to customer.

There has been a good collaboration between our departments. We all want to act responsibly and reduce the use of plastic. Sustainability is important to us, and today’s consumers expect us to take responsibility in this area as a company, Lena concludes. 


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FM Mattsson is part of the FM Mattsson Mora Group, the leading Swedish tap manufacturer, which celebrated its 150th anniversary in 2015. The company was founded in 1865 in the village of Östnor near Mora, Sweden by Frost Matts Mattsson, a young entrepreneur. The company originally produced brass parts for clocks and decorations for local traditional costumes. He cast his first tap back in 1876. The FM Mattsson Mora Group includes FM Mattsson, Mora Armatur, Damixa and Hotbath. All the companies in the Group focus on leading technology, high quality, attractive design and environmental friendliness. The FM Mattsson Mora Group’s operations are concentrated in Mora, Sweden. The Group has sales of over SEK 1,4 2018.

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