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An "all-in-one" tap

Damixa's new, Danish-designed Pine series is characterised by its energy-optimised functions, economical use and high-quality materials, all at affordable prices. The taps are thus a safe choice when replacing taps and thermostats in consumers’ homes.

An entirely new and comprehensive series of taps and thermostats are now available. It is the Danish-designed Pine series, which has been developed by Damixa's own design engineers. The goal was to create a "sensible tap at a reasonable price" – while at the same time ensuring that it had all the functions to make it an attractive choice.

“The design with its rounded rectangles, yet still classic and simple, appears extremely contemporary. The taps are not equipped with a lot of extra gimmicks. All along the goal was to create something simple, user-friendly and easily available,” explains design engineer Claus Rantzau, the designer behind the new series.

Good for both environment and wallet

All taps in the Pine series are equipped with the environmentally-friendly cold start feature. This means that only cold water comes out when the tap is turned on in its middle position. In older taps, equal amounts of both hot and cold water come out – although it feels cold, because the hot water generally takes a longer time to reach the tap. In practice, then, this does not mean less comfort; while on the other hand, it does save a lot of money. Tests of the cold start feature in both residential buildings and larger public toilets show that around 30% can be saved on energy consumption – without compromising the comfort feeling.

The Pine taps for the bathroom are equipped with a 6 litre aerator, while the kitchen tap fittings have an 8 litre aerator in the spout. This is also considerably smaller than most of the taps in use today. Tests show that the combination of smaller amounts of water and the cold start feature means it is likely that a new Pine tap will have paid for itself in the first year (depending on the frequency of use and user habits).

An assured choice

The Pine series is a complete series, which comprises kitchen tap fittings with both high and low spouts, bathroom sink tap fittings with and without pop-up waste, and thermostats for both showers and bathtubs. The simple, Danish design runs through the entire series, and the built-in water-saving functions make it a safe choice for advisers and energy consultants, as well as for use by housing associations and in large-scale building projects


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The Swedish industry jewel FM Mattsson Mora Group is the largest Scandinavian manufacturer of mixer taps. For 150 years we have developed manufactured and marketed faucets and mixers under the strong, established brand names FM Mattsson and Mora Armatur.

In May 2014 FM Mattsson Mora Group acquired Danish Damixa. Damixa was founded in 1932 and still manufactures Danish designed taps at the factory in Odense. The company is the leader in the Danish market for mixer taps and covers most household and public building requirements.

Scandinavia is the company's primary market. Ostnor realised a 2014 turnover of more than 1 billion SEK and employs approx. 600. The activities as well as the head office are centred in Mora, Sweden.


Fredrik Skarp

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