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Eksjöhus – high quality and sustainable partnerships

Eksjöhus, a company in Eksjö in the Swedish province of Småland, has been designing, constructing and manufacturing timber houses for over 75 years. The company is part of LindholmsGruppen, a one-stop-shop supplier of timber buildings from forest to finished product. Although they conduct extensive in-house production, they also use many external suppliers. In this regard, Eksjöhus prioritizes sustainability, choosing high-quality products and developing long-term supplier relationships.

Every year, Eksjöhus manufactures 450 houses for people throughout Sweden to live in. To build sustainable houses, the whole production chain must be smooth-running and carefully planned, from raw material to finished product. With their own forests, their own sawmill and their own transport, Eksjöhus have control over the whole process, resulting in both economic and environmental sustainability.

Focus on high quality
Eksjöhus strives to produce safe, secure, environmentally friendly houses that contribute to a sustainable lifestyle. For this reason they choose their materials and products carefully, and all their products are of high quality, explains Oskar Lindholm, CEO of Eksjöhus Modulbygg AB and former Purchasing Manager of Eksjöhus AB.

- We only choose quality products with a long lifespan, from the construction materials to the products in the kitchens and bathrooms. Everything must be solid and well-designed. Building a house is a big investment, so we want to be a safe choice for our customers, he says.

- When it comes to choosing products, Eksjöhus always considers the customer’s perspective. And they also make high demands on us, which gives us opportunities to develop, says Ronny Karlsson, Key Account Manager, FM Mattsson.

Energy-efficient homes
Building a house involves many choices. Offering standard options limits the number of possibilities, which makes it easier for the customer to choose. Because energy efficiency is a key aspect in house construction, Eksjöhus chose the FM Mattsson 9000E as a standard mixer for kitchens and bathrooms. The mixer is energy rated and is equipped with a Cold Start function that saves hot water. 

- The 9000E is an excellent standard mixer that appeals to many people. It balances all aspects. We’re pleased to be able to offer an energy-efficient mixer as a standard option to customers. But if they want something different, they can choose from FM Mattsson’s entire range of products for an additional charge, Oskar says.

Solid, long-term partnerships
Long-term partnerships create stability, which is important to all parties involved. A positive dialogue is also crucial.

- Our partnership with Eksjöhus has always felt very natural. We have a long history of multi-generational enterprise, and always aim for long-term security. We make no hasty decisions to solve short-term problems. This means there are many aspects to consider, explains Peter Hermansson, Sales Manager, FM Mattsson.

- We find it more important to have good supplier relationships than to have many suppliers. This allows us to create a common vision. FM Mattsson understands our quality needs and what’s important to us, says Oskar, and adds:

- We know FM Mattsson is a reliable supplier. We’re delighted with the quality of their mixers, and there are rarely any problems with them. But if a problem should arise, we know we can rely on their organization to support us and take the issue seriously. And that’s at least as important as supplying good products.


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