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Energy-efficient buildings in Stockholm. Photo: Stockholmshem
Energy-efficient buildings in Stockholm. Photo: Stockholmshem

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Sustainable mixers from Mora Armatur in Stockholm’s first energy-positive building

SUSTAINABLE CONSTRUCTION. In May 2019, the two most energy-efficient buildings in Stockholm were completed in Norra Djurgårdsstaden. They are Stockholm’s first energy-positive buildings, which means that they generate more energy than they use. The buildings are equipped with many smart solutions, including Mora Armatur’s MORA MMIX mixers with water-saving technology.

The energy-positive buildings were built by Stockholmshem as a result of the housing company’s ten-year investment in sustainable construction. The buildings boast 730 square metres of solar panels on the roofs, which will generate the same amount of energy over the year as the buildings use. In all, about twenty energy-saving technologies are installed in the buildings, including geothermal heating, high-efficiency insulation, sedum green roofs and waste grinders for producing biogas.

Environmentally smart mixers in all apartments
Environmentally smart mixers and showers from the MORA MMIX series have been installed in all 43 of the apartments. This is an important choice that saves cold water and energy-intensive hot water every time the mixer is turned on, without affecting the comfort. The entire MORA MMIX series is made of environmentally friendly lead-free brass. Featuring a combination of attractive design and cutting-edge technology, this harmonises well with the ambitions of energy-positive buildings.

Monitoring raises awareness
But there’s more to buildings than technology. The people who live and spend time there are just as important in order for energy-positive buildings to fulfil their purpose. Consequently, each family has the possibility to monitor the amount of hot water used in their flat.

- Tracking how much energy you’re using makes it easier to regulate your usage and costs, resulting in more environmentally conscious behaviour, says Malou Carlsson, Manager of brands and products ranges at Mora Armatur.



Mora Armatur is part of the FM Mattsson Mora Group, the leading Swedish tap manufacturer, which celebrated its 150th anniversary in 2015. The company was founded in 1865 in the village of Östnor near Mora, Sweden by Frost Matts Mattsson, a young entrepreneur. The company originally produced brass parts for clocks and decorations for local traditional costumes. He cast his first tap back in 1876. The FM Mattsson Mora Group includes Mora Armatur, FM Mattsson, Damixa and Hotbath. All the companies in the Group focus on leading technology, high quality, attractive design and environmental friendliness. FM Mattsson Mora Group’s has sales of over SEK 1,4 billion and more than 500 employees.

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Fredrik Skarp

Fredrik Skarp

Press contact CEO FM Mattsson Mora Group AB +46 250 59 64 05

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