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Ship diary: the maiden voyage of Fure Viten

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Ship diary: the maiden voyage of Fure Viten

Embark on the maiden voyage of Fure Viten with us! 

This 17,999 dwt ship is the eight sister vessel in the series and the fourth in Furetank’s fleet that has been developed by Furetank together with FKAB Marine Design to the latest design, with minimal impact on the environment. Through a diary of photos, films and text updates, the crew will bring us along on the entire journey from China to Europe in this blog post. 


Ship diary part 1: Step into quarantine life

Our Swedish crew has left for China, waiting to sail Fure Viten home from the shipyard in Yangzhou. But first: 22 days in absolute isolation.

Our 2nd officer Emma Gustafsson invited us to her quarantine space to see how she passes her idle time before continuing to our longed-for Fure Viten.


Ship diary part 2: Preparing for speed

A chaotic and intense week at the shipyard in Yangzhou, while the crew is making Fure Viten ready for her maiden voyage. Unpacking and installing equipment and getting to know the vessel, lending eachother a hand wherever needed. It is a giant teamwork to get everything in place for departure!


Ship diary part 3: Flying the Swedish flag

Hoisting the blue and yellow banners means that Fure Viten now belongs to Furetank and can head for home. In the picture you see the proud crew of a vessel that gained a lot of media attention the last few days, for already meeting the IMO 2050 emission targets. Starting her maiden voyage surely is a good feeling. Next time we will report from the open sea and let you know how she performs!


Ship diary part 4: Loading for recycling

Fure Viten has stopped for loading in Pyeongtaek, South Korea. We are currently loading used cooking oil, bound to be transformed into biofuel or cosmetics. Recycling at its best! Step into the cargo control room with chief officer Therese Boman.


Ship diary part 5: Engine room sneak peek

Between Korea and Singapore our second engineer Gustaf Modig gives us a tour showing the brand new machinery on board Fure Viten. She is running well, with all systems optimized for maximum energy efficiency. Join Gustaf for a sneak peek!


Ship diary part 6: bunkering liquid gas

Running on LNG or LBG is one of the key measures that lower the environmental impact of Fure Viten and her sister vessels. She has now stopped outside Malaysia to bunker enough liquid gas to make it to Europe. Our captain Christian Björklund shows us how it's done.


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