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Lifevac Review – Does this Anti Choking Device really help?

Choking on food and minuscule parts remains one of the most gruesome occurrences that can happen to minors and adults. According to Forbes publication, the possibility of these occurrences is high among infants and responsible for the morbidity and mortality of more than 10,000 children around the world. While some children who go through current choking procedures survive, many emergency cases emanating from choking are often fatal. In the United States alone, 20% of child mortalities arise from emergency choking on food or other objects. With the danger that seems to lurk in every corner at home, one of the most viable ways to prevent such fatal occurrences is using The LifeVac upper airway clearance device.

When almost everything else has proven not to be effective, LifeVac, a device developed to save lives, remains the top device that immensely contributes to the fight against choking victim deaths. LifaVac is a non-invasive airway clearance device with two joined discs that hold masks and are directed to a one-way valve system. When the valve is pulled, it generates approximately 326mmHG pressure, which means that the duration of suction is minimal, so LifeVac is effective in removing the obstruction previously lodged in the airway. This review will give a holistic overview of The LifeVac home kit, its features, along with its pros and cons. (Any/all of the links on this post are affiliate links of which the author receives a small commission from sales of this product/service, but the price is the same to you.)

What is The Lifevac Airway Clearance Device?

As unanticipated as a choking emergency can be, the victim often suffers a slow, excruciating pain that begins with an utterly conscious knockoff. At this stage, breathing is impossible, and any choking victim who might be alone faces the risk of slow death. Considering the number of lives saved and the few qualified people to save a life, the patented LifeVac device has been designed to reduce the response time and help people across the world evade the life-threatening experience of a choking emergency.

Arthur Lih, the man behind LifeVac, boasts an incredible volume of clientele, with over 100,000 units already distributed across the world. Aside from the number of saved lives and accreditation the product has received from medical practitioners, LifeVac is a non-invasive device that saves lives. No prescription is required as the first-aid device works to save a child or an adult from brain damage. As effective as this registered device that saves lives is, LifeVac does not require medical approval. Given that Third-party clinical tests and studies have validated the LifeVac device, it has enough proof that it can work effectively for anyone. Vist the product website here to find the discounted prices!

How Does Lifevac Work?

LifeVac upper airway clearance has a set of features that sets it apart from other life-saving devices. Featured on CBS, ABC Watch, NBC, Forbes, and other authoritative media, the simple yet effective components are primarily meant to save lives by a single plunge. The anatomy of LifeVac consists of the following elements:

  1. Easy-Grip Handle - The handle projects from the suction area and is designed to fit into the average palm size effectively. Aside from giving a solid and comfortable grip, its design enables the user to exert optimal pressure on the choking victim to dislodge the item in less than 4-6 minutes.
  2. Suction Area - The LifeVac suction area has a transparent design to let you see the removed obstruction. It has a flexible rubbery design that exerts pressure on the victim’s nostrils or mouth. Upon releasing The LifeVac suction area, it creates a pressure difference that retracts it backward and dislodges the obstruction from your son.
  3. One-Way Valve - You wouldn’t be doing the choking victim any favor if the valve were capable of letting an object get past through it. This is why the valve is designed to allow the dislodged item to move from the obstructed region to the suction valve, not the other way round.
  4. Interchangeable Mask - One of the notable elements of The LifeVac suction valve is the pediatric mask that gives it the versatility to be used with different people. It comes in infant and adult sizes, which gives The LifeVac registered device incredible versatility.

How to Use Lifevac

The best part about LifeVac is that it works incredibly efficiently. There is no need for a doctor’s prescription, and when you are in a crisis, you could still use LifeVac effectively. Given that no specialized training is required, all you have to do is the following:

  • Create A Suction Force - Use the handle to push the suction area against a surface to create a pressure difference. It is crucial to carry out this step before placing The LifeVac device on the nose and mouth to save a life.
  • Place The Lifevac Mask Over The Nose and Mouth - This placement mask creates a cover that seals LifeVac sufficiently to function correctly. Furthermore, the practice mask ensures that the lodged item does not get pushed further down the air tract.
  • Pull to Suck Out The Dislodged Item - Pulling creates a force that removes the dislodged item from the airway to the transparent suction area. This step is often successfully done once, but, although rare, if the first attempt fails, you might want to try the second time. Using The LifeVac home kit to remove the object from the airway and allow air back in is straightforward. Anyone, regardless of age, can use it comfortably without the need for abdominal thrusts associated with the Heimlich Maneuver.

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Benefits of Lifevac

There are several reasons you should buy The LifeVac first-aid device. Although the Heimlich procedure can be followed without success, LifeVac is effective, no prescription is required, and the number of saved lives shows that it can prevent brain damage emanating from the possible 6-10 minutes of oxygen starvation. It features a broad range of benefits that undoubtedly beat current choking procedures. Let’s examine closely the reasons you should purchase LifeVac.

  • Works Quickly - Seeing your child or loved one choking sets you on an emotional roller coaster, panic, and blurred clarity. In such a situation, every second counts. Given that all you need to do is push, place, and pull, you can save the choking victim’s life in seconds. One kit covers children and adults, and the duration of suction is minimal, so LifeVac is effective in dislodging the item with no prescription required. If something chokes you and you are still conscious, you can even use LifeVac on yourself.
  • Versatile to Be Used On Everyone - LifeVac can be used for every child, regardless of their age. There is no need to have registered first-aid devices for different people. All you need to do is have various masks covering an infant to the adults in your home.
  • Portable - The LifeVac airway clearance device is travel-friendly. Regardless of where you go, you can pack the LifeVac travel kit in your travel bag and enjoy the convenience it comes with. At the same time, the first-aid device has a specialty LifeVac travel kit available for purchase when you shop.
  • Effective - No Prescription Required - You neither need a prescription nor medical advice from a doctor to use LifeVac. In the end, this saves reduces your response time, but you shouldn’t fret that it isn't safe and effective. Numerous scientific studies have shown that LifeVac is effective, no prescription is required and it is safe.
  • Priced Right - Pharmaceutical companies and expensively-priced surgical procedures capitalize on people’s health. The truth, however, is that you cannot put a price tag on your health. Thankfully, LifeVac is safe to use and comes at a pocket-friendly price, not to mention the huge savings you get when you purchase more than one LifeVac pressure device.
  • Safe and Effective - Although other procedures can be followed without success, LifeVac has been subjected to numerous scientific studies and third-party testing companies to ascertain its effectiveness in the number of saved lives. Given that hundreds of medical professionals around the world recommend the registered device, we can confidently assert that LifeVac is safe and effective with no prescription required.

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Who Is Lifevac Meant For?

Your health is something you wouldn’t want to place a bet on. LifeVac can be used by anyone in any situation caused by choking. A choking emergency can be fatal yet deadly, especially for people living alone. Aside from guaranteeing your minor’s safety, let’s take a closer look at how purchasing LifeVac will protect your son and possibly save their life.

  1. Nursing Mothers - Choking is responsible for the mortality and morbidity of one in every five minors. As astounding as the over 100,000 infant mortalities are, it shouldn’t be surprising that a choking emergency can claim your young one’s life. When they see an item, children’s first instinct is to place it inside their mouth, and the result is often devastating. For a nursing mother, having one LifeVac suction device will help protect and enhance their two-year-old child safety.
  2. People Living Alone - For some people, the privacy that comes with living alone has its perks. However, the drawback is that there won’t be anyone to help you in an urgent medical emergency. When you’re in your house alone, and something gets stuck in your food tract, you need to respond quickly. All you need to do is push to create the pressure, wear the mask, pull to create an upward pressure, and dislodge the item in 4-6 minutes. With LifeVac, living alone gets incredibly safe.
  3. The Elderly - According to 2021 LifeVac customer reviews, most people tend to lose their cognitive, sensory ability that may hinder them from swallowing appropriately. A recently reviewed study has revealed that over 50% of people who die from choking-related incidents are over 75. At the same time, losing moisture in the mouth, dwindling gum, brain damage from the possible 6-10 minutes of oxygen starvation, and muscle strength accounts for the rise in such incidences. You should have a LifeVac suction device to help you protect the elderly at home. Click here to discover the current discount!

Is Using Lifevac Painful?

Though LifeVac can spell the difference between life and death, its usage is as comfortable as it can be. Apart from the slight discomfort arising from the object’s movement as it gets dislodged from the food tract, the registered device is safe to use, and there isn’t any discomfort associated with it.

Lifevac Scientific Evidence

LifeVac is a non-invasive product of several clinical trials backed by scientific evidence. The Heimlich device that never expires has saved many lives, appeared in most peer-reviewed publications, journals, and scientific reports. In a 2017 study published by AEM Watch, researchers lodged 500 hot dogs into a choking simulator and used LifeVac to remove the item from the air tract. Out of 500 attempts, 472 instances were successful in a single plunge. After two suctions using LifeVac, 497 hot dogs came out, and after three attempts, all the pieces got dislodged. This reviewed study shows that LifeVac has a 100% success rate for removing lodged items in a blocked airway. Given that a considerable number of these attempts are successful after a single plunge, scientists across the world can confidently assert that LifeVac has saved many lives.

Is Lifevac Reusable?

While 2021 LifeVac reviews have shown that LifeVac has saved lives by dislodging a stuck item from the upper airway of an adult in only one attempt, you can use LifeVac more than once if the first attempt is unfruitful. The company emphasizes one-time use for sanitary reasons. The great news is that if used in a choking emergency and it saves a life, you can contact the manufacturer, fill a save a life report, then wait for a new LifeVac delivery, free of charge. Visit this product website to see more customer reviews!

Where to Purchase Lifevac

LifeVac comes with a suction device, one adult mask, pediatric mask, instruction guide, and a number of choking prevention tips. One LifeVac home kit, a device developed to save lives, covers children and adults and the company also provides free user training to show how to use the airway clearance device in a simple step-wise video. The package is only available on the official website and is priced in different categories as follows:

  • 1 LifeVac device
  • 3 LifeVac kits
  • 5 LifeVac kits

The 3 and 5 LifeVac kits come with free shipping to the United States and sporadic discounts posted on the official website.

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Lifevac Refund and Replacement Policy

LifeVac comes with a 10-day refund policy. If the travel kit, adult mask, or pediatric mask is tampered with, you can contact the manufacturer to request a refund within ten days of receiving it. This refund policy, however, only applies to unopened LifeVac training kits. Keep in mind that you cannot obtain a refund if you’re unhappy with the device. How a user can spot a manufacturing defect is relatively obscure, but the odds of requesting a refund are incredibly low. At the same time, if you have used LifeVac to save a life, you can receive a free replacement of the registered device.

Lifevac Reviews-Final Thoughts

LifeVac, a non-invasive device that saves lives, has revolutionized emergency choking cases with incredible success. LifeVac can be used by anyone and eliminates the need for painful, expensive surgeries to repair brain damage. The manufacturer has shipped over 100,000 LifeVac kits, which shows the growing number of consumers. Considering how life-threatening choking could be and the number of lives saved across the world, it is wise to purchase a LifeVac kit and offset the possibility of going through this frightening experience. If you want to protect your 2-year old son, a senior, or live alone, purchasing this kit should be a priority.

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