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Ship your goods super-fast by road across Europe

As a manufacturer, you know timing is everything. However, sometimes unpredictable things happen and you just need to get your goods moving as quickly as possible without any hassle. Well, we have got good news for you! With our new express road service, we can ship your time-critical cargo super-fast across Europe.

Perfect for manufacturers when time is a top priority

When your products are ready to be shipped off there is no time to waste. Every minute counts. Because you know late deliveries can lead to significant economic losses and damaged customer relations. This is especially true for industries producing high-value goods such as the automotive industry.

However, sometimes trailers get stuck in traffic, planes get delayed or ports become congested. In these cases, you just need to get your goods moving quickly.

Minimised lead time with strategic and rapid driver shifts

In Europe, drivers of heavy goods vehicles are not allowed to drive for too long without taking a break. This is regulated by law. With regular trailer services, there is usually one driver driving the vehicle all the way to the final destination and taking pauses during the journey. These pauses naturally ads to the lead time.

However, with our new express services, your goods will never stand still. By making strategic and rapid driver shifts, our drivers get their very important rest while your goods are constantly moving. The result is minimised lead time and fast deliveries. While other freight forwarders speak of lead time in terms of days, we speak of lead time in terms of hours.

Also, read Driving rules for heavy goods vehicles when transporting goods across Europe.

So, how fast is this new express road service, exactly?

To give you an idea of how fast our new express road service actually is, let me give you a few examples by comparing it with a standard trailer service.

A standard trailer service from Sweden to Germany takes between 48 and 96 hours (depending on whether the trailer departs from Stockholm, Gothenburg or Malmo). With our express service, the same distance takes just 10 to 26 hours.

If we look at a standard trailer service from Sweden to Benelux, the transport takes between 48 and 72 hours. Compared to our express service the difference is, again, major. It takes just 12 to 24 hours.

From Sweden to France, a standard trailer service takes between 96 and 144 hours, while our express service takes just 19 to 34 hours. This means you can save up to 110 hours. Not so bad, right?

Highly reliable and hassle-free express road service

Another benefit with our new express road service is that it is very reliable and pretty much hassle-free. Here is an example comparing it to air freight:

Let us say you need to ship goods from Gothenburg to London. First of all, you need to book transportation to collect your goods and take them to the airport. At the airport, your goods need to go through security and customs.

The next step is to load the goods onto the plane. Depending on departure times and type of goods, if they are consolidated or not, this could take a few days. When the goods arrive in London, they have to go through the same procedures passing security and customs. Lastly, you need to book transportation to load, unload and deliver your goods to the final destination.

With this setup, you may save an hour or two compared to our new express road service. However, it requires much more planning and administration as well as communication with several additional partners.

Shipping by air can also be a bit risky. Even though airlines tend to be on top of their schedules with reliable arrival and departure times, there is always a risk that your goods will not make it onto the plane. Unfortunately, some airlines tend to prioritise the goods that are most profitable for them to ship. This means that even if you have been promised cargo space and already paid for it, your goods may be left behind. Worst case scenario, you have to wait for days until your goods can be put onto the next departing flight.

This is not an issue with our new express road service. We ensure your goods are delivered from door to door in the blink of an eye without any hassle.

Book your road transport quickly and easily at any time

With our new express road service, we take care of your time-sensitive goods 24/7. Just call or email us and we will send you a quote within the hour. Everything is included in the price. Our service is based on mega trailers that allow for loading goods volumes of up to 100 m3, making them perfect for the automotive industry, which produces oversized high-value goods.

Our new express road service is already up and running and we have had a fantastic response. Will you try it out? We hope so. To book your transport, please contact me directly or visit Greencarrier Freight Services for more information.

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