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Parts of the route cancelled

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Parts of the route cancelled

Due to a storm warning with gusts of up to hurricane force in Hustadvika on Saturday, the coastal route ship Havila Pollux cancels the sailing Trondheim - Bergen - Trondheim. Havila Capella also cancels parts of its northbound route.

Even though the extreme weather “Ingunn” is over according to the Meteorological Institute, a new low pressure is already on its way with strong winds along parts of the coast the next few days. The weather forecast for Hustadvika on Saturday reports full to strong storm with gusts of up to hurricane force from the southwest-west direction. This means that Havila Pollux cannot sail as planned south towards Bergen, and consequently the sailing Trondheim - Bergen - Trondheim has been cancelled. The ship will resume its northbound route on Tuesday 6 February.

“The coast and shipping have been heavily affected by the recent weather conditions, and we must constantly make assessments that ensure the safety of our passengers, crew and ship”, says Chief Operation Officer Marianne Vågen Langeland at Havila Voyages.

“With the weather forecast for Hustadvika on Saturday, we choose to dock Havila Pollux in Trondheim to wait for the worst weather to pass, and then resume the northbound route from Trondheim on Tuesday”.

Havila Pollux arrives in Trondheim around midnight on Friday. The ship has sailed almost directly from Harstad, after having been docked there for several days earlier in the week.

Havila Capella goes directly to Bodø
Havila Capella has been docked in Trondheim for the past few days and departed from Trondheim earlier Friday. Here it has been decided to cancel all ports between Trondheim and Ørnes and will from there sail on to Bodø where the ship will resume its northbound route on February 4th.

Other route deviations
Havila Voyages continuously assesses its other ships and any deviations from the route. Individual ports or longer sections of the route may have to be cancelled due to the prevailing weather conditions.

Updated route deviations and operational status are continuously updated on Havila Voyages’ website.




Lasse A. Vangstein

Lasse A. Vangstein

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