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Round trip cancelled

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Round trip cancelled

Unfortunately, Havila Pollux must cancel the round trip scheduled to start from Bergen on Monday, May 13. The naming ceremony the same day will go as planned.

Since May 2nd, Havila Pollux has been docked at Bontelabo in Bergen for warranty work, after an electro motor that powers the propeller system needed to be replaced. Over the past few days, testing of the new electro motor has been conducted, and during this process, an unforseen malfunction was discovered in a bearing in the underwater housing of one of the propellers (azimuth POD).

“Naturally, this is very disappointing for all our passengers who were looking forward to a unique experience along the Norwegian coast, and it is a situation we would have preferred to avoid”, says CEO Bent Martini.

“This is a situation beyond our control, and the malfunction was only discovered during the recent testing here in Bergen. It is not safe to operate the ship with this malfunction, and it needs to be rectified”.

On Monday evening, Havila Pollux will sail to GMC in Stavanger to be placed in dry dock.

“The ship needs to be docked to replace the underwater housing of the propeller, and we are glad we have secured a spot in Stavanger. The replacement will take 4-5 days, after which we must conduct thorough testing before we can return Havila Pollux to service”, explains Martini.

“Once we finish the repairs and the necessary testing, we will know more, and the plan is for Havila Pollux to be back in service from Bergen by no later than May 24th”.

Passengers affected by the cancellation will be contacted by Havila Voyages as soon as possible.

Naming ceremony as planned
Havila Pollux is set to have her naming ceremony on Monday, May 13th, at Bryggen in Bergen. The naming ceremony will proceed as planned, but there will not be a voyage in the city fjord outside Bergen as previously announced.

“We look forward to the naming ceremony of Havila Pollux. It is an important milestone for a shipping company, and we will do our utmost to ensure that the cancellation does not put a damper on this significant day. We are very excited to welcome all our guests for the naming ceremony, with godmother Erna Solberg leading, on board”, concludes Martini.

For everyone in Bergen, it will also be possible to come aboard Havila Pollux on Sunday, May 12th, when the ship is open to the public. The dining venues on board will be open to all visitors.




Lasse A. Vangstein

Lasse A. Vangstein

Press contact Chief Communications & Marketing Officer Communication, marketing & sustainability +47 93449954

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