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Havila Polaris in Hjørundfjorden. (Photo: Oclin)
Havila Polaris in Hjørundfjorden. (Photo: Oclin)

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Quarterly Report Q1 2024 Published

Havila Kystruten AS (Havila Voyages) published its report for the first quarter of 2024 on Thursday, showing a continued positive development. The company also held its annual general meeting.

The first quarter of 2024 marked the second quarter where Havila Voyages had all four coastal ships in full operation along the Norwegian coast. The quarterly report indicates a 17% increase in revenue compared to the last quarter of 2023, attributed in part to higher occupancy rates – 68% in the first quarter of 2024 compared to 60% in the last quarter of 2023.

The report can be downloaded below.

"It's positive that we continue to increase our occupancy rates. We're finding that more people are discovering our brand and want to travel the historic coastal route with us," said CEO Bent Martini.

Havila Voyages expects to achieve an occupancy rate just under 80% for the entire 2024 and has already sold out 66% of all capacity for the current year.

"We've seen a positive trend in our booking numbers and are pleased to deliver such good results without relying on large and costly marketing campaigns with heavily reduced prices. We believe in our concept and that our passengers choose us based on our new, modern, and comfortable ships as well as a unique food concept," Martini said.

In the first quarter, Havila Voyages reduced its CO2 emissions by 36% compared to the reference year 2017 for coastal routes, ships with traditional fossil fuels.

"Many of our passengers point to our commitment to sustainability and reduced carbon footprint as one of the reasons they choose us. The numbers speak for themselves – we have the most environmentally friendly ships along the Norwegian coast and are the only ones able to visit the World Heritage Site in the Geirangerfjord emission-free and silently. It provides a truly unique experience that many want to enjoy," Martini concluded.

Board re-elected
On Thursday afternoon, Havila Voyages also held its annual general meeting. The company's board was up for election, and all board members were re-elected for new terms.

Havila Voyages’ board consists of:
Per Sævik, Chairman
Vegard Sævik, Vice Chairman
Hege Sævik Rabben, Board Member
Anita Nybø, Board Member
Karina Halstensen Birkelund, Board Member
Svein Roger Selle, Board Member
Njål Sævik, Deputy Board Member



The Havila Voyages is a Norwegian shipping company that sails the classic coastal voyage between Bergen and Kirkenes with the Norwegian coast's most environmentally friendly ships.

The four new ships are loaded with the world's largest battery pack, and can sail for four hours without noise or emissions through vulnerable fjords. The batteries are charged with clean hydropower at shore, and when the batteries are low we switch to natural gas which cuts CO2 by around 25 %.

The hull is specially designed for maximum energy efficiency, and excess heat from cooling water and sea used for heating on board. On the menu are locally made dishes from local producers, and all unnecessary plastic is avoided. We are already exceeding the authorities' requirements for cutting emission, and we have set sail with zero emissions as the future target.

The Havila Voyages is part of the Havila Group that dates back to the 1950s. It all started when the founder, Per Sævik, bought his first fishing boat in his teens. From fishing and herring fishing, Havila is now a group operating in shipping technology, offshore, transport and tourism.


Lasse A. Vangstein

Lasse A. Vangstein

Press contact Chief Communications & Marketing Officer Communication, marketing & sustainability +47 93449954

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