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Quarterly Results Released

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Quarterly Results Released

Havila Kystruten AS (Havila Voyages) released its results for the fourth quarter of 2023 on Wednesday evening and can also report historically low food waste on board its ships.

After the delivery of the coastal cruise ships "Havila Polaris" and "Havila Pollux" in August 2023, the fourth quarter was the first quarter with all four ships in full operation along the Norwegian coast for Havila Voyages. Revenues in the fourth quarter were NOK 249 million, of which NOK 82 million were contractual revenues from the contract with the Norwegian authorities.

"The delivery of our last two ships was delayed, which means that our revenue was somewhat lower than if the pre-sales started earlier," says CEO Bent Martini.

The average occupancy on board the company's four ships in operation was 60% with a utilization rate of 1.8 per cabin.

"We have a higher average price and utilization rate per cabin than in the same quarter of 2022. There is less demand in the autumn and winter months, which means that both occupancy and average price per cabin are somewhat lower than what we had in the third quarter of 2023. At the same time, we see an ever-increasing interest in Havila Voyages, both nationally and internationally, and we experience good feedback from our passengers," says Martini.

"For 2024, we have had good sales so far, and we are optimistic about reaching our budgets for our first year in full operation."

Major Reduction in Food Waste
With its food concept, Havila Voyages has had a clear ambition to contribute to reduced food waste in the industry. The goal was to have only 75 grams of food waste per person per day on board its ships. In the fourth quarter, the results were down to 60 grams, and for the year as a whole down to 54 grams.

"We are very proud of the fact that we are able to deliver these numbers when it comes to food waste. This is well below the industry standard, and shows that it is possible to serve nutritious and tasty food produced with local ingredients without having a buffet option, and at the same time think about the environment and the economic aspect," says Martini.

"Our fantastic employees on board who prepare and serve the food every day, in addition to guests on board who understand the concept, have made this possible.”

In the fourth quarter, the so-called operational uptime for Havila Voyages’ ships was 99.2%, and 99.5% for the year as a whole.

"New and modern ships, operated by highly competent personnel and with good routines in place, mean that we are able to keep our route with a solid uptime. It is important for us to deliver on the agreement with the Norwegian authorities, which is the basis for the operation of our company," concludes Martini.

At the end of 2023, Havila Voyages had 481 permanent employees, divided into 438 seafarers and 43 employees in the land organization.

Download the fourth quarter report below.



The Havila Voyages is a Norwegian shipping company that sails the classic coastal voyage between Bergen and Kirkenes with the Norwegian coast's most environmentally friendly ships.

The four new ships are loaded with the world's largest battery pack, and can sail for four hours without noise or emissions through vulnerable fjords. The batteries are charged with clean hydropower at shore, and when the batteries are low we switch to natural gas which cuts CO2 by around 25 %.

The hull is specially designed for maximum energy efficiency, and excess heat from cooling water and sea used for heating on board. On the menu are locally made dishes from local producers, and all unnecessary plastic is avoided. We are already exceeding the authorities' requirements for cutting emission, and we have set sail with zero emissions as the future target.

The Havila Voyages is part of the Havila Group that dates back to the 1950s. It all started when the founder, Per Sævik, bought his first fishing boat in his teens. From fishing and herring fishing, Havila is now a group operating in shipping technology, offshore, transport and tourism.


Lasse A. Vangstein

Lasse A. Vangstein

Press contact Chief Communications & Marketing Officer Communication, marketing & sustainability +47 93449954

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