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American Beauty at Cosmic

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American Beauty at Cosmic

As much as everyone enjoys Indonesian food while on holiday in Bali, let’s be honest; there are times when nothing beats a great big, super tasty American-style burger washed down with a frothy chocolate milkshake. With a second branch of Cosmic Diner just opened at the brand new Lippo Mall Kuta, you now have double the opportunity to indulge in serious gluttony.

Gloriously kitch and colourful, the diners are a lively mix of black and white chequered floor, booths with shiny red vinyl seats, and a plethora of 50’s style memorabilia – from toy robots, to old-fashioned candy machines and vintage radios. Walls and tables are plastered with cheeky postcards, movie posters and magazine advertisements from the days when Chevrolet was king, gabardine coats were all the rage and cigarette advertising was still legal. We visit on a wet and dreary day and there is something wonderfully reassuring about watching the rain from a bright and cosy restaurant, while listening to Elvis tunes and tucking into a big plate of waffles and ice cream. American-style breakfasts are served all day, including a delightfully cheesy Open Face Omlette with hash brown, tomatoes and sausage. Cosmic Burgers come with a variety of trimmings or can be ‘Naked’ for those who want to hold the veggies and just eat meat. We opt for the West Coast, an Aussie beef patty decked out with fried egg, caramelised onion, sliced tomato, lettuce, cheese, crispy bacon, and a stack of crunchy french fries. The New Yorker – a luscious, super creamy, absolutely calorific chocolate caramel milkshake is the perfect accompaniment.

Seriously, if there is such a thing as milkshake heaven, this is what they would be serving. Cheekily named Your Dentist’s Favourite, my stack of fluffy fat pancakes are topped with mint chocolate ice cream and drizzled in chocolate sauce, with a final decadent sprinkling of chocolate chips. And then there is my personal favourite of all American diner foods – the waffle! But it’s a tough choice. Do I want a Match Made in Heaven with strawberries and caramel gelato, or maybe a Cheeky Monkey with chocolate and banana? Finally I settle on a Summer in New York, two delicious golden waffles, dusted with icing sugar, scattered with fresh strawberries and orange segments, and crowned with blueberry gelato and chocolate sauce. Simply divine! Forget Christmas, I won’t be eating again until the new year! Alison

Cosmic Diner (Original Store) | Sunset Star Blok C – Corner of Dewi Sri & Sunset Road | P+62 361 8947389

and Cosmic Diner (Second Branch) I LG-11 Lippo Mall Kuta, Jl. Kartika Plaza, Kuta

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