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Petani, Taste of Indonesia

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Petani, Taste of Indonesia

Royal dining experience through rustic style of a restaurant. Classic yet charming decor with simple natural-colored architecture brings a modern breeze of millennium age while enjoying the legendary king dishes. Relaxed atmosphere sank in when we sat down at the rustic wooden chair, surrounded by grey and brown wooden tints tables at Petani Restaurant, Alaya Ubud. Petani only serves a la carte menu with the mouth-watering typical Indonesian dishes, such as Betutu Wonton, Crispy Duck and Mixed Grilled Balinese Satay. But as “king dishes” they serve Nasi Raja. This signature dish is used to be served to the king and royal family.

We sat at the corner in the front part of the restaurant, enjoying the vacation atmosphere from all around and surely the softness of the wind when the special dish arrived. Nasi Raja was served on beautifully decorated bamboo plate. It’s completed with small banana leaf boats filled with spicy pork curry, a string bean salad, fish satay, crispy prawns and the traditional Balinese perfectly herbed yellow rice, topped with krupuk. Most of the dishes on these boat plates have unique aroma of herbs with soft savoury taste seasoning. After the tasty tower, we had another menu from the tasty kitchen. The Rice Paper Tuna Rolls in spicy sweet chilli sauce. The sense of chilli was strongly extracted from the sauce, which gives the essence of Balinese seasoning experience. Rolling tuna-paper was made of rice-flour; it has chewy yet savoury taste on the first bite. Another special dish was the Grilled Jimbaran Bay Tuna, fresh grilled tuna with barbeque sauce, sweet mashed potatoes and edamames on the plate as high protein yet delicious combination.

Drinks were another story; we tried fresh juices and smoothies with mix berries. There are many combinations of love berries that you can choose. The fizz drinks which was iced as the refreshment of the day. Beside this, Petani also serves special feature for the coffee with 4 handles limited edition La Marzocco coffee maker that distinguish the character of the coffee. The Sweet Temptation as desserts gave complete experience of “jajan pasar,” the snacks from Balinese traditional market with black rice pudding, klepon, lapis, grated coconut and crispy sweet banana fritter. We also had the honour to try the new dish: Banana Loempia Goreng, it was banana and sweet mango wrapped with rice-flour-paper fried with sesame seeds topped with cinnamon. What a sweet ending at the delicious journey! Liselotte.

Petani Restaurant, Alaya Ubud | Jl. Hanoman, Ubud | 0361 972200

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