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Heat pump cools potatoes and heats house

The heat pump provides heat for the house and workshop, while ensuring the potato storeroom maintains the right temperature. Compared to his previous solution with an oil-powered boiler and a cooling system, potato grower Anders Trulsson at Mandelgården outside Höganäs Sweden saves 38,000 Swedish crowns per year.

The change from oil to heat pump has also had positive environmental benefits. The oil furnace that previously heated his residence consumed more than 5 cubic metres of oil per year, resulting in annual emissions of 13.5 tonnes of CO2.

The new system was carefully planned, with the Thermia Duo ground source heat pump making use of the heat from the 250 tonnes of seed potatoes in the storeroom. This means the potatoes always maintain the optimal temperature of +4 degrees Celsius. This harnessed heat is then utilized as an extra source of energy in the ground source heating system, providing a pleasant indoor temperature and hot water to the 300 square metre residence and the 130 square metre workshop.

"We're extremely satisfied. Stefan Persson's heat pump solution has delivered enormous benefits. The Solist and Ariel potatoes have just been planted, and because they were correctly cooled, they haven't sprouted in advance. They'll give us an excellent crop. We have also installed a heat pump at my brother's farm", says Anders Trulsson, who runs Mandelgården AB together with his brother Bertil.


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