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Scents and sound

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Scents and sound

To mark International Podcast Day on 30 September, we have put together a small selection of podcasts and radio programs about scent, smell, fragrance and perfume. Download, take a listen, and enjoy...

Please note that The International Fragrance Association does not necessarily endorse the content of these programs.

Life in Scents

It's been two years since the last episode, but Life in Scents is a podcast with a different approach. Hosted by Jo Barratt and Odette Toilette, it interviews a different guest each episode, focusing on the scents that mean something to them. If it’s got an odour, it’s got a story.

Listen on Acast

Fume Chat

Billed as the only podcast solely dedicated to the world of fragrance and hosted by fragrance expert Nick Gilbert and blogger and writer Thomas Dunckley, Fume Chat is a regular podcast that seeks to make fragrance entertaining, informative and fun.

Listen on Apple Podcasts (Please note that episodes are marked with an explicit content label)

BBC documentaries

The BBC has broadcast a number of documentaries about the world of perfume and fragrance.

In Perfume Makers (listen on the BBC website), part of the BBC World Service's 'The Conversation' series, Two perfume makers from France and Malaysia talk to Kim Chakanetsa about how they've trained their noses to smell over 1,000 different raw ingredients.

The Perfume episode of BBC Radio 4's 'The Art and Science of Blending' series (listen on the BBC website) looks at the link between perfume and music.

Unbottling the Past is part of the BBC World Service's 'Discovery' strand (listen on the BBC website). It looks at the quest to recreate a 100-year-old fragrance.

And Making Scents: The Story of Perfume (listen on the BBC website), part of 'The Forum' series from BBC Radio 4, is a discussion on the modern history of perfume.

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