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EU flags outside the Berlaymont building, Brussels
EU flags outside the Berlaymont building, Brussels

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IFRA gives cautious welcome to new EU chemicals strategy

The International Fragrance Association, the global representative body of the fragrance industry, has given a cautious welcome to the publication of the European Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability (CSS).

Reacting to the proposals, launched by the European Commission on Wednesday, IFRA President Martina Bianchini said:

"We welcome the Commission's recognition of the value of chemicals such as fragrance to people’s lives, and its attempts to create a package that balances different needs while aspiring to enhance sustainability.

"Along with our colleagues in other downstream industry sectors, we will examine the proposals closely, looking at the potential economic, social and legal impact as well as the opportunities for greater environmental protection.

"A key focus area will be avoiding a full re-opening of the REACH chemicals rules, which currently represent a careful and workable balance. In these changing economic times, with COVID-19 and Brexit, we are keen to avoid additional uncertainty that could damage growth and employment."

IFRA's Chairman, Hans Holger Gliewe, added:

"IFRA is strongly supportive of efforts to enhance sustainability: working with the flavor industry, we launched our own Sustainability Charter earlier this year to raise the bar in our own sectors and across the fragrance value chain.

"We are committed to protecting health and respecting our shared environment - and innovation and investment is key to that objective. The success of this Strategy will come in encouraging green innovation in Europe for the benefit of people, planet and business."

Martina Bianchini concluded:

"IFRA is committed to dialog with all stakeholders. We look forward to contributing to a Strategy that supports environmental and health protection, as well as innovation - and that, importantly, is based on sound science."

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