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Reliable Canadian Pharmacy is a pharmaceutical service company having valid pharmacy license to dispense Medication.

A new era is rising in the world of pharmaceutical products supply in all over the world and one which provides you better choice and convenience than never before. With the onset of the online pharmacies, it has been easier for the people to get the medicines timely online and at the reasonable prices. These pharmacies allows you to Buy best quality medication in Canada. As the world’s leading internet pharmacy, Reliable Canadian Pharmacy has played a significant role in shaping the health agenda and in bringing about these changes.

Today, this pharmacy is the largest devoted International Mail Order Online Pharmacy, serving the rising number of people who are unwilling or unable to visit the local medical stores. Our pharmacy allows you to Buy large selective Non-Prescription & prescription Drugs Online Canada, without having to leave the comfort of your own home. The counter & non-prescription drugs offered by us are available at highly competitive prices.

Rising requirement for online medicine services has made Reliable Canadian Pharmacy as one of the trustworthy and renowned companies in the global market. Some of the principal function followed by us are stated below:

  • Approving qualifications for pharmacy technicians & pharmacists and accrediting education & training providers

  • Sustaining a register of pharmacy technicians, pharmacists and pharmacy premises

  • Setting standards for conduct, ethics, education, training and continuing professional development (CPD)

  • Establishing and promoting standards for the safe and effective practice of pharmacy at registered pharmacies

  • Establishing fitness to practice requirements, monitoring pharmacy professionals' fitness to practice and dealing fairly and proportionately with complaints and concerns

Reliable Canadian Pharmacy is managed by a team of experienced pharmacists and doctors, which operates to the paramount professional standards and get top position as a Foreign Online Drugstore Canada. With the support of these doctors and pharmacists, we have been able to execute all our business activities in an efficient manner. Our professional staff works with absolute enthusiasm and dedication to achieve the set targets of our online pharmacy. To implement our business functions effectively, we work adjacently with many different people, groups and enterprises that affect, or are affected by, our work. These include a broad array of interests such as public and the patients, professional bodies and companies, other regulators, educators and employers However, our massive investment in technology has also enables us to incorporate creative and innovative services such as unique repeat prescription reminder service, the electronic requesting of repeat prescriptions and prescription synchronization that assures patients are ordering and getting their medicines suitably.


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If you are searching for an International Mail Order Online Pharmacy to buy any type of healthcare products and medication, we would be happy to assist you. For details, visit or make online orders at or you can call us at toll free no. + 1-315-221-8761.


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