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Audi India’s April Sales Shoot up 69 Per Cent

Car maker, Audi India has reported a 69 per cent jump in its April 2010 sales at 189 units as against the 112 units sold in the year-ago period.

“Our strong performance in April is a testament of the confidence our customers have in our brand. We have completed three-years in the Indian market and are committed to introducing progressive new products with unparalleled levels of luxury, comfort and sportiness,” Audi India’s Managing Director, Benoit Tiers, said in a statement in Mumbai.

“This year, we will continue to focus on enhancing the customer experience through exciting new product launches and superior standards of service,” Tiers said.

This car manufacturer’s early years had a chequered history with a series of takeovers and reorganizations. One of the most significant was the formation of the Auto Union from Audi, DKW, Horsch, and Wanderer in 1932, the still distinctive Audi logo of four interconnecting rings being marked by this coming together of the four companies.

However, the Auto Union was later taken over by Mercedes in 1958 and again in the mid-1960s by Volkswagen. The highly successful Audi 100 (1965) proved to be the saviour of a financially troubled company and commenced a process of placing an increasing premium on design, exemplified by collaboration with the Italian car body styling firm Bertone on the Audi 80 (1972).


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