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Hyundai launches 4th 'Always Around' campaign

Hyundai Motors India has started its nationwide service initiative, ‘Always Around’ campaign for the fourth consecutive year.

The campaign provides free check-ups for Hyundai customers at convenient locations. Last year, the campaign was attended by about 85,000 Hyundai vehicles across 6,000 locations.

This year, the ‘Hyundai Always Around’ campaign has become much more extensive in terms of locations and reach. The campaign, which started on the 23rd May, will continue till December, 2010. During the course of time, Hyundai will try to reach around 90,000 Hyundai car owners across 6500 locations. Around 4,500 vehicles across 405 locations nationwide are expected to register on the launch day itself.

In the past, ‘Hyundai Always Around’ campaign has been a success because it reaches to the customers at places which they frequent on an everyday basis like joggers park, shopping malls, multiplexes, select residential blocks, etc. This way a lot of time and cost is saved e.g while the customer is busy shopping in a mall his car is serviced and cleaned and this saves both his time and money as it is a free service. Additionally, the technicians also provide valuable advice to the customers.


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