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Different Types of Glass Table Tops

Glass coffee table are a rage these days and the market is flooded with glasses of various thicknesses, which are used for various purposes. For instance, dining tables should have a thicker glass piece as it should be able to support the weight whereas a coffee table can have less thick glass top. There are glass pieces that range from 3/8 inch to ½ inch thickness.

Glass table tops are preferred not only for their aesthetic appeal, but also for their low maintenance. These can be cleaned with any glass cleaner to make it sterile and spotlessly clean unlike wooden surfaces, which harbors bacteria in its crevices and gets damaged when exposed to water. Glass top match with all types of décor and this makes it a long term investment option too.

Glass table tops can make the space appear larger and are well suited for small rooms. There are scratch proof glasses that can retain the new look for many years and once a glass table top of the right thickness is selected, not much maintenance is needed for the customers. Available in various attractive colors like black, green, amber and more, these add a touch of grandeur to the décor. They are offered in a bevy of shapes like round, rectangular and oval shapes. Designer glass table tops with distinct chromed legs and beautiful patterns are the latest attractions these days.

Glass table tops are used to decorate corner stands, book shelves, center pieces and partition cabinets, which not only add up to the functionality of the modern homes but also enhance its beauty.  The best part is that glass top tables can be sold for good costs if you want to change a whole new one unlike other types of furniture t, which is degraded in value as these get old.

Tempered glass tops are more durable and tensile and reduce the chances of glass breakage and related injuries. It is mostly used able tops, window panes and door panels. It is heat resistant too and can be used safely for serving glass table tops, kitchen tables and so forth. A combination of transparent and frosted glass is employed for making lovely glass table tops, which can withstand fairly high temperatures.

Tempered glass tops make wonderful furnishings for living room too and are comparatively safer for small children. Tempered glass will not break into sharp bits like regular glass but will break into smooth edged oval pieces thus preventing the risks of any type of injuries.

Tempered glass can be made out into any shape of choice and can be used also with metal or wood. Online shopping is a great way to find the latest trends in glass top tables and to find the b2b market places dealing with glass table tops. These business hubs will serve as a useful platform where the vendors and suppliers can meet and exchange the latest product information and global trade event details.


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