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Oil Boilers for Various Heating Requirements

Oil boilers are one of the best heating options that are mainly used for heating homes and water for domestic purposes. Though it was used in earlier days as time passed, the use of these heaters became obsolete as electric and gas heaters came into prominence.  

Eventually oil boilers resurfaced as cost of gas and electric heaters soared to greater heights. The shortage of both gas and electricity in remote places also led to the innovation of these heaters fired by oil. Moreover, these boilers have an efficiency rate of around eighty percent compared to the electric and gas heaters.

The Growing Uses of Oil Boilers

Unlike the oil boilers of the olden days which required huge amount of fuel, the latest boilers are more efficient and safe. These boilers use a limited amount of fuel and can heat homes and water quickly. This ensures unlimited hot water supply in winters too.

These boilers are environment friendly as it does not emit any sort of poisonous gas like carbon dioxide while heating up. With advanced technological features, the oil boilers which are available today are inclusive of features like electronic timer which helps you to choose programs to heat your home as well as obtain hot water.

Some of the oil boilers are inclusive of thermostats which prevent loss of heat and ensure that heat is provided only when it is essential. Such heaters are long lasting and retain lesser wear and tear.

Most of the people prefer to use kerosene rather than gas oil as it burns without any residues and does not cause any pollution. Usually these boilers require a storage tank for storing the fuel and the boilers are connected to the tank from where it draws its fuel for heating purposes.

As these boilers are quiet heavy and vast it has to be installed in a safe place that is well maintained. Special care has to be taken while using these boilers. You can obtain these boilers from the oil boilers exporter listed in the online business portals.

The Range of Oil Boilers Available

There are mainly three types of boilers fired by oil and they are as follows:
- System boilers
- Combination boilers
- Regular boilers

The function of a system boiler is similar to the regular boiler as both of these boilers are inclusive of a hot water storage tank. System boilers are easy to install as all the components are included in the boiler case. This makes these boilers quite hefty in size unlike the other type of boilers.

The combination boilers are suitable only for small families as it heats the water in a slow pace. The water is heated on demand when the heater is turned on. Hot water storage facilities are not available in these boilers.

The regular boilers are quite efficient and are largely used by many people. It is inclusive of a storage tank which stores hot water which can be used anytime. Higher and quicker flow rate of hot water makes it ideal for large homes and families.

In short, the use of these boilers have increased manifold in the recent years due to its efficiency in terms of performance and costs.


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