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Significance of Tyre Recycling and Its Equipments

With over a million vehicles on the road every day, the use and importance of tyres is quite undeniable. Tyres are made of a chemically enhanced rubber which is very durable as well as toxic. The use of these tyres simultaneously increases its wastage.

Tires are discarded every where and this tends to increase pollution and ultimately diseases. Discarded tires are also burnt which releases huge amounts of toxic gases into the environment which is extremely harmful to humans. It is quite difficult to extinguish the fire used to burn tires as it can burn for years together. This can adversely affect the environment by polluting soil, water and air; and the only solution to this alarming situation is tyre recycling.

Advantages of Tyre Recycling

There are many benefits of recycling tyres and some of them are as follows:

Saves space: by recycling tyres, huge amount of space can be saved where the used tyres are discarded. It considerably saves spaces filled in the junkyards.

Prevents spread of diseases: tyres are known to be breeding grounds of mosquitoes which tend to spread a number of dangerous and fatal diseases. Tyre recycling helps to prevent the spread of such diseases.

Reduces energy consumption: by recycling the old used tyres, plenty of energy is saved. Gallons of oil are required for manufacturing new tires and by recycling old tires, consumption of oil are reduced to a great extend thereby saving natural resources.

Prevents pollution: Tyre recycling helps to reduce the emission of poisonous gas into the atmosphere. The chemicals emitted from the burning tyres are harmful to human health.

Reduces land pollution: tyres are no longer discarded as it can be recycled effectively.

New tyres: recycling old and used tyres lead to the production of new recycled tyres.

Uses of Recycled Tyres

In addition to the above mentioned advantages, tyre recycling has many other benefits as these recycled parts of tyres can be used for the following:

Tyres can be used to make carpet under lays, rubber mats, roof pads, stall mats, sandal bottoms. Parts of tyres can also be used as shower tiles, speed bumps, commercial flooring and as fuel.

Recycled tyres parts can also be used as asphalt for athletic tracks and roads. New treads can be put on old tyres and reused again as new recycled tyres. It can also be used in playgrounds and children parks.

Different types of tire recycling equipment are available today which helps to recycle unwanted and used tyres. The first recycling equipment was introduced in the year 1820 and it was called ‘Masticator’. It proved to be very useful in tyre recycling. The tyres were shred and mashed together to form new materials.

Nowadays there are quite a variety of equipments used for recycling tyres. These equipments help to extract the steel wires from the tyre, crush the tires, remove the fibre from the crushed tires and so forth. The tire recycling equipment can be bought online from the suppliers listed in the online directories.


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