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Things to Remember While Choosing Designer Evening Dresses

Evening dresses are formal dresses worn by women for special events like formal dinner, wedding receptions or cocktail parties.  True to the name these dresses are only worn during evening and are not suited for day times.

Designer evening dresses offer exquisite patterns and trends and are available in a range of materials like satin, silk, velvet, chiffon and georgette among others. Some of the common varieties include ball gowns, which are formal wear and are best worn with flashy jewelry.

One of the most formal evening dresses include the Ball gowns, which are richly ornate, highly priced and are suitable for elegant functions. Another variety of the ball gown is the A-line dress, which has a bell-shaped bottom and a form fitting bodice and is less ornate than a ball gown. The straight cut sans any pleats accentuates a svelte figure. There are shorter dresses including cocktail dresses which are used for dinner parties or night dance.

Trumpet gown is another pretty evening dress which has broad pleats towards the bottom of the gown. The form fitting bodice ensures an elegant contour and enhances the natural curves of the female frames. Another example for an evening dress include a mermaid dress, which has a trail behind the gown and a tight fitting cut

Designer evening dresses are typically embellished with beads, jewels and precious stones to enhance its rich feel. In many fashion boutiques, separate sections for evening dresses can be seen which will have a good selection of evening wear of various types. Designer evening dresses flaunt the latest fashion styles and trends while the ball gowns follow the classic style and cut that has not changed over the years.

Though most of the designer evening dresses are exuberant and chic making them solely for special occasions, there are simple evening dresses for parties. These dresses will be value added additions to any contemporary wardrobe.  For instance Prom dresses, commonly called dancing dresses are semi-formal attires worn by women during prom events. Another semi-formal dress worn by women during prom events is the prom dress. It is usually known as dancing dress. Prom dresses can be both short and long depending on individual preferences.

One of the most formal evening dresses include the ball gowns which is identified with its full ankle-length skirts and short sleeves. Some of the gowns are sleeveless with a flattering neckline. Made from exquisite fabrics such as velvet, chiffon and satin silk, these gowns are quite expensive. These gowns are even richly embroidered with beads, ornaments and semi-precious stones. Apart from fabric, designer evening dresses are also available in quality leather in various stunning shades of brown, black and grey. Leather gowns are epitomes of class and elegance and are the favorite choices f many celebrities and movie stars.

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