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Why Are People Switching to LED Grow Lights?

Grow lights act as artificial light sources to stimulate plant growth in areas that receive less sunlight. Incandescent, fluorescent and HID lights have been in use since long for this purpose. However, the use of LED grow lights is fast replacing other types of grow lights by offering a number of significant advantages. The technology is being improved further to add a new dimension in this direction.

People having small gardens, orchids and indoor horticulture places are getting familiar with the advantages of LED grow lights for better production. Stores selling grow lights too are recognizing the growing demand for these lights. As a result, there are LED lights available in different varieties at these stores to help buyers choose the best. Here are the main reasons for people giving preference to the grow lights made of LEDs.

Better Emission Spectrum

Led grow lights can be made to produce light that a particular plant needs to grow. For example, blue LEDs are recommended for the vegetative growth of plants. LEDs in red color are preferred for the growth of flowers as well as fruits. These lights have the ability to greatly enhance the level of photosynthetic activities among plants.

Less Energy Consumed

Another reason for people to buy LED grow lights is the lesser amount of energy they consume when compared to incandescent and other types of grow lights. As a result, they are counted among the most efficient grow light products that cost less and produce great results.

Less Water Consumption

By installing grow lights made of LEDs, one can significantly reduce the amount of water that must be fed to the plants. This is because these lights produce less heat than other grow lights. Because of less heat generation, the level of transpiration too decreases significantly in the plants. Therefore, gap between two watering cycles can be increased.

Long Life

LED lights gained popularity because of many reasons and their ability to last for long is one among them. This quality favors LED grow lights as well. People using them for indoor crop production can expect these lights to demand less investment.

Safe and Environment-friendly

As LED lights operate on less number of volts, they are highly safe against incidents like shock and burns. This is one good advantage, especially when these lights are installed in the wet plant growing environment. At the same time, LED grow lights are environment-friendly as they don’t contain harmful materials like mercury and lead. As a result, they are easy to dispose or recycle and don’t cause any threat to environment safety.

No Add-ons Required

Conventional forms of grow lights require additional components like reflectors and ballasts to perform better. However, LED based grow lights don’t require these add-ons, thereby saving additional expenses. People with flower orchids and horticulture venues can find these lights to be cost-effective solutions.

With the use of LED grow lights, safe and better plant growing benefits can be achieved at lower costs. Moreover, the decorative nature of these lights makes them even more attractive for use at plant growing venues. Considering all these great benefits, you can take the wise decision of offering your customers these efficient grow light options.


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