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Mr Cool Launches Auto Air Conditioning for Car Cooling

Australia, December 9, 2012: Mr. Cool specializes in the installation of auto air conditioning. car air conditioning service is very different from usual air conditioning that we see in houses and offices. Mr. Cool does them at really affordable rates. There is no need to sweat and fret inside the car when there is a particularly difficult ride and the car will not feel very stuffy either when there are lots of people inside the car. Mr. Cool ensures that those car ACs which have been damaged due to some reason, are fully refurbished.

And if there are clients, who did not have car ACs originally in their cars, want to do them anew, then that can be arranged in most cases as well, depending upon the car’s designing and will it allow the installment of a car AC or not. They also repair compressors etc so that in case there is only one major problem with it that can also be easily fixed. Most importantly, they can work with almost any model of car AC and also in vans and trucks etc.

They also have an annual maintenance service and that is of great help for those who do not have the additional space to install the AC in its normal place at the dashboard. In that case they try to see if the AC can be installed in the car ceiling etc. All in all, they are of great service and they can mostly help get any car an AC.

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