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13 Reasons Why A Saree Will Always Be A Woman’s First Fashionable Choice

Decades have come and passed by, but a saree still holds its highest rank in the world of clothing in India. Till date there is nothing more attractive than a saree for a woman. Of course, there are other classics that accentuate a woman’s look, but there is nothing in comparison to a saree. Probably this is one of the reasons that the fashion gurus in the Indian entertainment industry till date are a fan of the six-yard garment.

The modern world of internet shopping also loves the garment. There are a plethora of websites that are purely dedicated to selling the Indian bestseller. One of such sites is that offers a range of sarees - from fabric to different styles.

We’ve rounded up 13 reasons on why a saree is the first fashionable choice. Scroll down to check:

1. The Oomph Factor

This is an undeniable fact, which has been proven over a zillionth time. The attire rises the temperature by many degrees and how!

2. Mix n Match

A saree can be worn with different blouses and vice versa. You are never confined to one option and don’t we absolutely love that? Get stylish and glamourous sarees and blouses on Kilol.

3. Never Ending Drapes

The classic Nivi drape or the folksy Nauvari drape, sarees will give you an immense number of drapes to try at different occasions.

4. For Every Age

Doesn’t matter if you re 15 or 50. Sarees swear to exude style and glamour at every age.

5. Flag-bearer of Body Positivity

A sari is one outfit that can be worn by every body type and looks unapologetically gorgeous! Be it slim or plump, it is an attire that brings the best out of you.

6. Season Friendly

Summer, winters, monsoon, saree is every season-friendly. There are fabrics and drapes for each season. Also, you can make sarees season versatile with different types of blouses.

7. Traditional, Contemporary, Modern - Everything

This is one of saree’s biggest USPs. It has the magic to transform into every look effortlessly.

8. The Legacy

Saree is almost every girl’s first way to step into her mother’s and grandmother's legacy. The feeling of looking like them and getting a chance to drape their saree is truly unmatchable!

9. The Blouse Options

Deep necks, long sleeves, embroidered, embellished, the blouse is the game changer best friend of sarees. Be it a saree with blouse or a saree without blouse, this part of sarees is the yin to saree’s yang.

10. Class, Grace, Elegance

Nothing speaks more of elegance than a beautifully draped saree. It is synonymous with grace, style and poise.

11. Both Statement and Subtle Stunner

It’s quite ambiguous. It can be subtle and a statement-speaker, whichever you want.

12. Heritage History

A saree makes us feel connected with the roots and traditions of our country.

13. The Desi Swag

It is, isn’t it? It is cool, it is gorgeous, and it is powerful!