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Gelatin Market (Type: Skin Gelatin, Bone Gelatin, Halal Gelatin Type; Application: Pharmaceutical, Edible, Photographic) - Global Industry Analysis, Market Size, Opportunities and Forecast, 2018 - 2025

Global gelatin market size expected to reach the market value of around $4.3 billion by 2025 and is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of around 7.4% in terms of revenue during the forecasting period 2018 – 2025. The global gelatin market is expected to showcase a robust growth in the forthcoming years, according to ARC. As per the report, expanded utilization of protein rich eating routine, acquisitions and extensions framed by vital players and the utilization of collagen and gelatin in nutraceutical and pharmaceutical ventures is giving an impulse to the development of global gelatin market.

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Presently, the seller landscape is portrayed by the existence of few driving organizations holding a lot of the market, making it united. Market sellers are seen concentrating on procedures, for example, mergers and acquisitions, alongside venture into unventured territories, all together tap into potential markets. The most interest for gelatin is right now seen by nutraceutical and sustenance sections, by virtue of the rising attention to buyers towards high protein and low fat nourishments. This is a noticeable factor moving the applications fragment of nutraceutical and sustenance to the cutting edge.

Application Insights

Gelatin plays an essential role in a wide range of nourishment products. In bakery items, it has one of a kind capacity, continuing sugar's precious stone like shape and to balance out the fluid period of different pastry kitchen items like icing, cream fillings, coatings and marshmallows. It is utilized with mousses and whipped fixings for its whipping and balancing out functions. It is utilized in canned sustenance like hams to solidify the juices that get expelled amid preparing stage. In 2017, the gelatin consumption (sales) in “Edible” segment was around 240 Kilo Tons, and it will reach over 350 Kilo Tons in 2025; while the sales market share of edible segment was around 50% in 2017 and will show a progressive growth in near future.

Whereas in industrial sector gelatin is as a vital part of process that makes latex and synthetic polymers and functions as a protective agent to prevent coagulation of latex particles and polymers. It is used in cosmetics, hair care products, paper making, and textiles. In 2017, the gelatin sales market share in industrial segment was around 10% and is anticipated to go over 11% in 2025.

On the other hand, photography industry comes primarily from beef bones. Gelatin functions as a bonding agent for different layers in celluloid film. A photographic grade of gelatin has numerous applications in photographic product which include use in coating layer, sub-coating layers, non-curl layers, anti-halogen layers, and the silver halide emulsion layer. In 2017, the gelatin consumption (sales) in photographic was over 60 Kilo Tons, and will cross over 85 Kilo Tons by 2025.

Insights on Market Segments

Global gelatin market is segmented by type, application and geography. Based on different types, the market is segmented into skin gelatin, bone gelatin, halal gelatin. Also, by application, gelatin is further bifurcated into pharmaceutical, edible, photographic. Based on geography market is further classified into North America, Europe, China, Japan, India, Southeast Asia, ROW.

Varied Applications of Product to Fuel Market Growth

Gelatin, a very traditional food ingredient, is used in a wide variety of foods. Its neutral-taste, coupled with its excellent properties in gelling, stabilization, binding, and emulsification makes it an ideal food additive for many foods. In addition, gelatin is almost unique in its ability to stabilize foam, a key requirement in many confectionery items and chilled and non-chilled desserts and creamed products. Gelatin has astonishing skin recuperating properties since it is rich source of dietary collagen, which is the key protein in the body made up of amino acids. Gelatin makes up 25% to 35% of the aggregate protein substance of human body. This protein content is indispensable for skin flexibility, and tone, in addition to the persistent recharging of skin cells. Gelatin makes up the connective tissues of skin that are responsible for giving skin its strength and firmness. Gelatin is brimming with protein, which offers necessary vital nutritional contents to individual and can enable them to eat less of lower quality nourishments. Likewise gelatin can help with liver detox which will support fat consuming capacity. It gives helpful minerals that are ailing in excessively handled western eating routine. This super sustenance supplies bottomless calcium, phosphorus and magnesium, which fabricates solid nails, hair, and teeth. These are some of the factors leading to high demand of edible gelatin in the market. Confectionery is probably the largest application for gelatin currently. Gelatin is used to make sweets such as wine gums, gummy bears, fruit chews, marshmallows and licorice. Hence, growing demand from food & beverages, and confectionary industries worldwide is boosting growth of edible gelatin in the market.

Regional Outlook

Europe held the principal share in global gelatin market owing to rising demand for organic personal care products in UK and Germany in light of growing consciousness regarding the advantages related with natural ingredients and is projected to promote the use of gelatin over the forecasting time span. North America held around 25% of the global volume market share in 2017. The nearness of entrenched meat producers including Tyson Foods, Cargill, and JBF in the U.S. by virtue of simple access to hardware and consumables is relied upon to favorably affect the business. Whereas, countries like China, Japan, and India also hold a considerable market in terms of revenue and is expected to propel its growth in near future.

Key Players

Key industry participants in global gelatin market profiled in the report include Gelita, Rousselot, PB Gelatins (Tessenderlo Group), Nitta Gelatin NA INC., Weishardt Group, Sterling Gelatin, Ewald Gelatine, Italgelatine, Lapi Gelatine, Great Lakes Gelatin, Juncà Gelatines, S.L., Trobas Gelatine, Norland Products Inc., El Nasr Gelatin, Nippi Gelatin Division, India Gelatine & Chemicals, Geltech, and others.


Chapter 1. Industry Overview of Gelatin

Chapter 2. Manufacturing Cost Structure Analysis of Gelatin

Chapter 3. Technical Data and Manufacturing Plants Analysis of Gelatin

Chapter 4. Global Gelatin Overall Market

Chapter 5. Gelatin Regional Market Analysis

Chapter 6. Global 2013-2018E Gelatin Segment Market Analysis (by Type)

Chapter 7. Global 2013-2018E Gelatin Segment Market Analysis (by Application)

Chapter 8. Major Manufacturers Analysis of Gelatin

Chapter 9. Development Trend of Analysis of Gelatin Market

Chapter 10. Gelatin Marketing Type Analysis

Chapter 11. Consumers Analysis of Gelatin

Chapter 12. Conclusion of the Global Gelatin Market Professional Survey Report 2018

Chapter 13. Methodology and Data Source

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