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Imaging Colorimeter Market - Global Industry Analysis, Market Size, Opportunities and Forecast 2018 - 2025

Global imaging colorimeter market Size is expected to reach the market value of nearly $600 million by 2025 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of around 6.6% in terms of revenue during the period 2018 - 2025. Development of imaging colorimeters was done to deal with the limitations of former instrumentation. Imaging colorimeter has main components such as a charge-coupled device (CCD) detector, data acquisition, a set of color filters, an imaging lens, and image-processing hardware/software. Some instruments also have neutral-density filters and a mechanical shutter. An image of the device is obtained by system to test each of the various color filters.

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After testing various colors, the calibrations are determined to deliver accurate data about luminance as a function of spatial location and source’s color. For instance, an imaging colorimeter is used to measure luminance and color of each and every pixel in a display and at the same time, it measures a given viewing angle. The imaging colorimeter can also be mounted on a goniometer to automate these measurements at various viewing angles. The key factors fueling the growth of market include cheap labor cost, cheap raw materials and wide range of applications such as in LCD’s and LED’s. The opportunities that will foresee the growth of this market is due to developing technologies of imaging colorimeters.

Full Frame Charge Coupled Device (CCD) is Propelling the Market Growth

The manufacturing process for CCDs is special and it has the ability to transport charge across the chip without distortion. Full frame CCDs process leads to very high-quality sensors in terms of fidelity and light sensitivity. Full frame CCD accounts for largest share and also propelling market growth due to the increasing demand for LCD’s and displays. Furthermore, the market is growing due to the rise in demand for accuracy in the measurement of light and color. Also, full frame CCD’s are used in measuring angle and measurement testing for flat panel display.

Key Applications of Imaging Colorimeters:

  • Lighting, Avionics Graphics, and Automotives

    • Measuring light intensity and distribution of color in backlit panel graphics and control elements
    • Westboro offers a turnkey solution for light balancing of avionics panels
  • Beam Pattern Analysis
    • Luminous intensity distribution of lamps and LEDs
  • Keyboards
    • Identification and pass/fail analysis, and automatic measurement for luminance and chromaticity of backlit glyphs and other lit elements
  • Electronic Displays
    • Measurement of uniformity, contrast, mura, gamma, gamut and MTF of flat-panel displays

Regional Outlook

The United States is significantly leading the global imaging colorimeter market owing to the rise in industrialization, wide range of application areas of imaging colorimeters, and rise in the use of LCD and LED displays. Europe accounted for the second largest share in global market due to increasing use of imaging colorimeters in pharmaceutical laboratories. The growth in China is driven by development in technology and increasing industrialization which is eventually increasing the market growth. Japan held promising share owing to the expansion in industrialization and rise in the use of lights in displays and keyboards. Furthermore, cheap labor, developed technologies and cheap raw material is fueling the market growth in developing economies.

Light Measurement Application Fueling The Growth Of Imaging Colorimeter Market

In terms of applications of imaging colorimeters, light measurement segment held the largest share due to increasing demand for lighting products and changing lifestyle trend. The increasing demand of lighting products across various sectors such as residential, retail, architecture, hospitality, and commercial, is leading to a rise in implementation of LED lighting worldwide, due to greater lifespan, decreasing selling price, high luminous efficiency boom the growth of imaging colorimeter market.

Key Players

Some of the key players operating in the global imaging colorimeter market, profiled in the report include Radiant, Westboro, Konica Minolta, Photo Research, Admesy, ElDIM, Techno Team, OPTE-E-MA Engineering GmbH, and among others.

Table Of Contents:

Chapter 1. Study Coverage

Chapter 2. Executive Summary

Chapter 3. Market Size by Manufacturers

Chapter 4. Imaging Colorimeters Production by Regions

Chapter 5. Imaging Colorimeters Consumption by Regions

Chapter 6. Market Size by Type

Chapter 7. Market Size by Application

Chapter 8. Key Industry Players

Chapter 9. Production Forecasts

Chapter 10. Consumption Forecast

Chapter 11. Value Chain and Sales Channels Analysis

Chapter 12. Market Opportunities, Challenges, Risks and Influences Factors Analysis

Chapter 13. Key Findings in the Global Imaging ColorimetersStudy

Chapter 14. Appendix

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