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Outsourced Web Hosting Support

Outsource Servers one of the experienced campaigners in the hosting industry have launched their new service Major purpose of this service is to help people in administering and maintaining enterprise or small scale servers.

Speaking at the launch of the new service Mr. Rajesh Kumar, the CEO said that, “Outsourcing is right choice for many to maintain the high standards of service levels to exceed the expectations of clients. But at the same time by not compromising on the quality of server support and the security of servers.”

The outsourced server support is classified into the following categories like Server Administration, Server Management, Server Monitoring, Server Hardening, Hosting Support, Server Setup, Installations.

Outsourceserver takes up any thing related to server right from installation to advanced maintenance of servers. Customer has the choice to combine the packages for server administration along with server support on pay per ticket basis for hosting customers from their own helpdesk.

When asked  about the cost and time advantage in outsourcing the server support the CEO said that, “By outsourcing the web hosting servers or other server management and administration can free a lot of time and effort put towards these activities. In turn the time and manpower can be used for other core business activities like sales and promotion of business.”

Technologies are changing very fast especially in the information technology sector. So this issue of technology advancement can be addressed by outsourcing the server management and administration to experts in server management process for a long time.

Mr. Rajesh Kumar also added that, “This outsourced server support initiative can be seeked either for periodic administration and maintenance or for specific server issues as when required on a pay per issue basis”

One of the reporters asked about the infrastructure in place, he said that, “Already we have update to date servers and technologies for our hosting customers, so same infrastructure and support will be available for people outsourcing their servers to us. We also follow the international security and process standards in server support”.

As a final word to the reporters the CEO said that, “By outsourcing the administration, maintenance, support tickets to us can get a good reputation with customers”.


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Outsource server is a leading web hosting technical support company which provides web hosting support for you clients, server administration, server hardening, server monitoring and hack recovery.