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HP takes lead in North to regulate direct sellers

The Tribune, Chandigarh, July 23, 2019

“Himachal has taken a lead among the northern states by recently approving the Himachal Pradesh State Direct Selling Guidelines, 2019, in its Cabinet meeting. We hope it will protect the sellers, consumers and promote ethical business practices,” said Rajat Banerji, chairman, Direct Selling Task Forces, FICCI.

He said the direct selling industry has the potential to address unemployment and it will play a proactive role to make people aware.

Experts said the direct selling industry has created avenues for income generation for those who have an entrepreneurial mindset. “The lack of government intervention creates an impression of distrust among consumers. The adoption of guidelines will help MSMEs, direct selling industry and the consumers,” QNET regional director (South Asia) Rishi Chandiok said earlier.

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