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QNET Distributors Create a RYTHM’ic change

Mumbai News Network , June 28, 2019

The group comprising around 600 volunteers spread across Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi and Odisha led by Kavita Sugandh, a former HR professional turned successful direct selling entrepreneur with QNET have formed ‘Ananta’ meaning infinite, as a social impact movement that works on a series of projects that support underserved local communities. These are not on-off projects meant for photo-ops. The Ananta movement has been active for over a year and currently supports 8 ongoing initiatives.

Inspired by QNET’s philosophy of RYTHM – Raise Yourself To Help Mankind, this young group of entrepreneurs have been working on supporting and volunteering for causes ranging from environment protection, cleanliness and hygiene, education, and even spiritual guidance, to help create sustainable change in their communities.

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