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Billiard tables for sale, Billiards tables for sale

Chevillotte Billiards is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Billiards Table and all other Billiards accessories. We maintain our good reputation in Billiards industry and our product touch the international standard quality set by Billiard Congress of America (BCA) for use in authorized tournaments.

Some of our the best Billiards Table's model are:

Heimo: Heimo Billiard Tables offers the satisfaction to play on a real acting pool table that combines the aesthetic and functional qualities of a Billiards Table with modern design. Heimo was fashioned principally as a table that can alter to all conditions. Heimo will gather your family and friends around a good meal or a game. Heimo have also the perfect dimensions to change into a desk. Its sober and axenic design, inspired from Nordic atmosphere, and its light and ebony coats will compound easily into any modern interior.

Excellence Model: In the half-light of our workshops, time period and reproduction furniture share the stories of their past. Outside time, they share the same materials. Shaded marquetry work appears from time-honored forms and adapts superbly to modern technology, offering unrivaled playing quality.

Le 150: The model Le 150 is aesthetics, quality and conviviality Billiards Table. Le 150 Model stands out with lightness and thanks to its dainty shape, and the form of the legs gives an feeling of movement, which sustains the ability of this model available in natural, mahogany or ebony tint.

Very Tables Model: It is a new design and used materials in accordance with its revolutionary conception. The status of its lines integrates steel, composites and groomed aluminum for the delight of the eye, and, quality of the game.

Antares Model: A attractively balanced table made from a organized superposition of lines. Its angles give it a touch of arrogance and flexibility. It makes a delightful table and a superb desk: an embodiment of a new way of living and thinking.

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  • billiard tables for sale
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