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Chevillotte is one of the leading Manufacturers and Exporters of Billiards Table and its Accessories in the world. We are the most recognized and world’s premier manufacturers of Billiard Table since 1860 and meeting the quality standards set by Billiard Congress of America (BCA) for use in authorized tournaments. Our range is designed as per the latest market trends and is ideal for recreational centers, sports clubs, schools and playgrounds. This has helped us in acquiring a large client base around all over the world. Value is our main policy so even our cheap Billiards tables boast fantastic execution and variety.

We provide Billiards Table, Pool Table and Billiard Table in different sizes like 3X6, 4X8 Pro, 4X8 Home, 5X10 Billiard, and 6X12 Snooker. The most popular size is 4X8 (44X88" Playfield). Our Billiards Table are durable and have superior values with outstanding values. Our Billiards Table and Pool Table are made of seasoned hard wood, 1'.5" thick marble slate. Our products are made to the premier standards and come with outstanding service. We use the finest timber such as Teak, Sheesham Sangwan, Sall and add decorative inlays.

Apart from US and Europe, we have our clients dispersed over an enormous worldwide ground as well as at home. We provide all information about delivery and set up any where in metropolitan area. You can choose from numerous standard models that can be modified to suit your decor needs. All billiards tables are supplied after giving them finishing touch to their supreme levels.

Chevillotte provides repair and maintenance to the complete pleasure of our precious customers under one roof. Through our commitment, prompt service and fair dealing we promise customer’s gladness. Our products find ready acceptance and are extremely valued by billiard enthusiasts across the world. Apart from US and Europe, we have our clients dispersed over an enormous worldwide ground as well as at home.

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