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Brazilian Cosmeceutical Market Set for Double-Digit Annual Growth

The Brazilian dermo-cosmetics or cosmeceutical market has evolved in the recent times, with consumer learning to choose products that meet their specific problems. Consumers are seeking more products of proven quality, provided they meet and promote the desired effect. Further as per our analysis in the research report, “Global Cosmeceuticals Market Analysis”, the cosmeceutical market is expected to register an annual growth of about 15% in the coming few years. This growth is in part due to rising incomes, more working women, greater life expectancy, and private sector participation.

As mentioned above, the cosmeceutical market in Brazil witnessed tremendous changes over the past few years. This increased growth of cosmeceuticals industry resulted in the increase of revenues. Also with the increase in aging population across the globe, the market for cosmeceutical products is likely to expand recording a double-digit growth. Among the global cosmeceutical industry, Skin care is the most important segment and is expected to grow significantly in the years to come as increasing number of people entering the middle stage of life will create more demand for cosmeceutical products.

The report, “Global Cosmeceuticals Market Analysis”, provides detailed analysis of the cosmeceutical market worldwide. It gives an insight into the segment-wise market trends prevailing at the regional level. Most importantly, drivers, and opportunities, that will stimulate the cosmeceutical market in key regions of the world, have been covered in the study. Broad information and coherent study of key cosmeceutical ingredients, such as vitamins, enzymes, and botanical actives have also been elaborated in the research. Effective methods and techniques were used in the report to present a realistic outlook of the industry to clients.

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