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Corporate Sector Dominating Total Bank Loans Market in Turkey

According to the latest report by RNCOS, titled “Turkey Banking Sector Forecast to 2012”, the banking sector constitutes a major part of the Turkish financial system in its dynamic economy. Majority of the transactions and activities of money and capital markets are carried out by banks. Turkish banks have significantly intensified their lending activity over the past few years. Increased demand for consumer as well as corporate financing and improved economic conditions in the country are the potential factors fuelling the growth.


As per our findings, corporate loans accounts for the majority of loans granted in the country followed by personal loans and SME loans. Rapid developments in the private business sector resulted in higher proportionate share of corporate loans. With the decreasing interest rates, banks have started reorganizing their assets from the financing of government debt to offering loans to businesses and consumers. It is expected that, the personal loans will rapidly grow in the coming years amid growing demand for mortgage financing in the country. Thus, corporate sector loans are anticipated to grow at a CAGR of about 16.6% during 2011-2014.


Our report covers information about the emerging trends and potential areas, such as e-banking, growing acceptance of payment cards, Islamic banking, automobile loans, and mortgage financing, which are likely the decisive factors impelling the future growth of the banking industry in the country. Our report also highlights that, the banks are modernizing their payment card technology and shifting them towards smart card technology that offers more secure and advanced featured card to consumers.


Our report, “Turkey Banking Sector Forecast to 2012”, discusses each of the banking performance indicators in-detail. Under loans and deposits section, the reports discusses about each of the verticals, such as corporate, personal loans, and SME loans. Moreover, it has further segmented personal loans into various segments, such as housing, automobile, credit card, and general purpose loans. Further it also features forecast for each key-banking segment to provide a better understanding of the banking sector in the country. Conclusively, the report also analyses the pattern of macroeconomic variables and their impact on the country’s banking sector.


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