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Distance Education Gaining Momentum in Brazil

Over the last few years, distance education has gained sufficient momentum in Brazil. Almost one in six students enrolled in undergraduate studies in Brazil enters into a distance learning course. The main factors driving the distance education market are large geographic distances and cut-throat competition in regular classroom courses. Thus, with the ongoing private and public initiatives, there seems constant growth in the distance education sector of Brazil and by 2015, the number of students to be enrolled in post secondary distance programs is likely to grow at a CAGR of around 11% during 2012-2015.

According to our report, “Brazil Education Services Market Forecast to 2015”, Brazil has emerged as a highly lucrative and one of the most underpenetrated education markets due to the overhauling of the industry’s regulatory framework. The thrust of the global economies to emerge as a knowledge economy has reinforced the education sector as the main economic and business driver, and the country has already started taking initiatives for developing the same. For strengthening the education industry, the government has mandated fundamental education for all. The secondary education has also been made compulsory for those who want to pursue higher education.

Being the most populated nation in the continent, Brazil has the biggest share in education systems in the region. There is a growing demand for higher education, which is reflected by the number of students getting enrolled into the universities, every year. This demand in other words is creating an opportunity for private universities to expand in terms of infrastructure and course offering. Also, with an increasing number of universities and colleges, the country can serve as a regional education hub for many students from the neighboring countries.

Our report, “Brazil Education Services Market Forecast to 2015”, is an outcome of extensive research and objective analysis of the education market in Brazil. The report provides insights into private sector’s role in the industry, quality accreditation bodies existing in the country and international collaborations with foreign universities. The forecast, presented in the research study, is based on multiple economic models, including correlation and regression analysis and judgmental analysis of the team of industry experts. Overall, the study aims at presenting an unbiased picture of the Brazilian education services market to clients that will help them to devise a strategic investment plan.

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